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The Sartorialist is one of my favorite fashion blogs. I mean how could it not be? Scott Schuman (aka ‘The Sartorialist’) is not only an amazing photographer, but basically pioneered the broadcasting of street fashion and turned photoblogging into art form. For Father’s Day, he’s partnered with skincare brand, Kiehl’s Since 1851 to shoot their Father’s Day campaign showcasing a ... Schuman with his partner, Jenny Walton, in his New York apartment filled with antique finds. Photograph: Gieves Anderson Indeed, the pleasure of his blog and Instagram feed is in the details: the ... Online interview magazine The Talks just published a candid conversation with The Sartorialist's Scott Schuman. In it, the original street style blogger (well, almost--everyone copied Bill ... This entire site ⓒ 2005-2011 The Sartorialist. All of the photographs herein, unless otherwise noted, are copyrighted by the photographer. No part of this site, or any of the content contained herein, may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without express permission of the copyright holder(s). He is the author of the best-selling Sartorialist (2009); Sartorialist: Closer (2012); and Sartorialist X (2015). His work resides in the permanent collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Tokyo Photographic Art Museum. Pierpaolo Piccioli is at the creative helm of Valentino. Piccioli and creative partner Maria Grazia Chiuri ... Mr Schuman launched The Sartorialist in 2005, while Miss Dore started her eponymous blog a year later. Shortly after they met in 2007, Mr Schuman left his wife of 20 years. By: Jane Rocca. Jenny Walton is a New York based fashion illustrator for Markers and Microns as well as the fashion director for street style blog, The Sartorialist.She spends most of her time walking the pavements of European or American cities, chasing fashion weeks and working alongside her partner, Scott Schuman, the genius behind The Sartorialist.

[Table] IAmA personal stylist for men. I teach men how to dress, how to present themselves and how to take pride in their appearance. AMA.

2012.04.19 03:26 tabledresser [Table] IAmA personal stylist for men. I teach men how to dress, how to present themselves and how to take pride in their appearance. AMA.

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Hi. I bought your tall book when you first promoted it a while ago. I know you said that "skinny jeans" are a bad look on tall guys... well, those are Levis 511s, so technically "skinny". Do you prefer me in Levis 514s? I'd consider both those jeans to be slim, but not unflatteringly skinny. See the stacking around your ankles, particularly evident in the 514s? Follow the line down from your waist to your ankle; it flows down, and looks like there are 'chunks' missing from your calves. Try rolling them up more, and pulling the fabric down every time you roll. If your hair were slimmer at the sides, it would make your shoulders appear broader in comparison. Have you ever tried tying it up into a bob? I think that could look quite good, worth experimenting, you've got a lot of length to play around with and I think it suits you quite well, I wouldn't hack it all off just yet.
I've recently been trying to work out the "ideal proportions" aspect of it. Hope that helps! Also, for whatever reason, seeing these two photos made me insanely happy, so thanks for that. It is 2am here in Oz and I've been up far too long, so that's probably part of it.
your thighs look nice and strong. your thighs look nice and strong. your thighs look nice and strong. your thighs look nice and strong. your thighs look nice and strong. your thighs look nice and strong. your thighs look nice and strong. This has been my favourite orangered of them all.
Very basic questions, but feel like most men have no idea where to start. Great questions. To start with, the prices I give are in AU$. Consider that here, cost of living is much higher so clothes/everything is more expensive than in the US (but we get higher wages so it evens out). It sounds very limiting, but with basic items like that you can make thousands of different outfits by playing with different colours, fabrics and patterns.
1) For, let's say, someone just entering the job force with limited funds (Lets say $1500), what would you recommend? Let's assume this person needs to wear a suit 2 times a week, business casual the rest of the time. Colors, brands, materials, etc? If you ever need to buy a suit, it's always best to get one that has a quality/fit/style that will last for years. Every man is different, with a different body type and different needs. But almost everybody will look great in a deep charcoal or deep navy suit. Regardless of how much it cost, a suit is worth nothing if it doesn't fit you. The shoulder is the most important fit area when buying a suit off the rack - the shoulder seam needs to fit right on the joint between your arm and shoulder, and the sleeves should flow nicely down your arms without bunching or being too tight. The waist will almost always need to be taken in by a tailor, and the pants should be slim rather than billowy. If you need a belt to hold up your pants, your pants don't fit. Suits with a floating canvass last far longer than fused suits. A floating canvas means that a layer of canvas is sewn in between the outer and inner layers of fabric in the suit. In cheaper suits, this canvas is glued in (called "fusing"), which tends to wear poorly over time. If you're overweight, you need a suit with a structured shoulder and a slim waist that helps to broaden your silhouette. If you're athletic, you need less padding in the shoulder and a suit that drapes your body without overly-accentuating it. Shoes are one of the most important parts of a suit. The width of the toe should harmonise with the width of your trousers; if you have very slim trousers, you need slim shoes; if you have more relaxed trousers, you need wider shoes. $300 on shoes - /malefashionadvice would kill me for not suggesting a nice pair of brown Allen Edmonds brogues, which are incredibly versatile, can be worn with a suit or with jeans, and will last for many years. With a wardrobe like that you'll be well-equipped for just about any situation, good basic wardrobe to get you started. As I said, unsure of how much suits cost in the USA, so you may find that a nice off-the-rack suit + tailoring could come in at less than $800, giving you more cash to spend on shirts/ties/pocket squares/whatever you like. Casual Wear for the Young Business Man I read from time to time, but never made an account. Same with Sufu, Hyperbeast, Stylezeitgeist, Ask Andy About Clothes and many others - there are so many great guys on those forums, they're a goldmine for anyone interested in men's style.
Brown shoes with a dark suit? Arguable, but not the safest recommendation, especially for job interviews. Brown is the best choice for a navy suit, and with charcoal black is a better option but brown is still usually fine. I'd still suggest brown (if only buying one pair of shoes) because it's far more versatile for other styles, to be worn with chinos, jeans and the like. Black doesn't harmonise as well with these.
Biggest no-no you've delt with so far this month? Very short man who wore a full-length, black leather coat (that bunched on the ground) and small round sunglasses, ala-Neo from the only Matrix film.
I understood why he wore it, but it literally made him look as though he only had a torso, and no legs.
I'm balding. I've made a conscious decision to not use any products to try to reverse it, and it's probably far gone enough that they wouldn't do that much anyway. I'm perfectly happy with it. I generally keep my hair short (if it's standing up in the morning, it's time to get a hair cut), and I don't use any products. Is there something I should be doing, or is my current regimen fine? Do you have a photo? It's hard to give catch-all advice about something as broad as hair, but for the wide majority of guys it's always better to let your baldness come gracefully.
As men we don't show off much. Besides our hands and a bit of our arms (and sometimes our calves, in winter), the only part of 'us' that we ever really show to the world is our head. Everything else is covered by clothes almost all of the time, and should compliment the body while drawing attention up towards the face.
Men who are balding - it's tough, because there are often deep-seated issues surrounding a man's hair, as though it's a marker of masculinity or youth. It's not easy to let that go. But it's also unwise to fight tooth and nail to hold on to it, when it's plain to see your hair is disappearing.
Compare this to a short man who has self confidence issues about his height. When people look at him, it's obvious that he's short - by standing next to someone we can plainly see if they're shorter than us, regardless of visual trickery. If he wears 6" platform shoes that bright his height up, his head will be higher up off the ground - but he'll still be short. In fact, the fact that he's trying so hard to fight his height makes him look self-conscious and insincere, which is far worse than if he just accepted his height and used his clothes to confidently show off his body as-is.
Balding is the same. Hair regrowth products do often work - one of my clients uses them religiously - and I'm not in a position (nor am I knowledgeable enough) to tell you not to use them. However, be graceful about it. If you have a deep receding hairline, keep your hair short; don't assume that adding extra length to the back and sides of your hair will compensate for a lack of hair elsewhere!
Don't, do not, do never, ever, ever try to cover up bald spots with a combover. When it comes to the point where you're trying to hide your baldness like that, it's time to shave it. Don't need to go down to the skin, but shave it as short as you're comfortable with.
This way you look more like a man who in comfortable with his hair and has chosen a style that works with it - rather than a man who is clawing on to every last remaining follicle. The former looks quite natural and, honestly, people rarely even notice. The latter sticks out like a sore thumb.
Hope that helps! If you'd like some specific advice, feel free to post a photo.
Come at me, please. top 2 photos are more recent--last summer (nyc) and just in fall, bottom photo is a few years old. Link to
1-your opinion--shame on me? or is it ok. i am comfortable most of the time with it but some days it bugs. The top and bottom pics look pretty ok, but the middle one shows that the sides of your hair are far too long. If you have little hair on the top of your head, don't try to overcompensate with thick hair on the sides of your head; this accentuates the roundness of your skull and makes the top of your head look even flatter (as my crude diagram illustrates). Instead, you should crop the sides of your hair quite short, which gives the hair on the top of your head more prominence.
2-any other fashion tips? what do you find yourself recommending the most right now/a lot of the time? What you've done in the 3rd photo looks best to me (although you look way better without the moustache!).
How much will it cost me if I asked you to find me a nice dress for tonight? How much will it cost me if I asked you to come with me to the mall and help me fill my whole closet? With bigger things like that I have a partner who I work with. We do extended consultations with our clients for which we charge $1250, which includes going through your wardrobe, teaching you where you've gone right and wrong; analysing the best colours to match your complexion; teaching you about proportion and how to use clothes to best show off your body; 2 full days of shopping; a hair consultation with the best hairdresser on earth.
Thanks. I'm a guy actually, I have no idea why I said nice dress!! Anyway, I live in Dubai, and you charges doesn't seem like too much. It's not like someone will hire you 3 times a month, right? Nope, it's a one-off thing. Basically included in that fee we'll let you MMS us photos whenever you want some quick advice on outfits, meet up to answer questions, help you find specific items - all that, for as long as you need it.
Yeah cost of living is fun, I live in Chicago where those costs are very similar but minimum wage is 1/3 that lol. But any chance youd be in the states any time soon, I'm a pretty heavyset guy so clothes are the hardest thing for me. those rates really don't seem all that bad for what you offer. If I had a few guys who were interested I would consider flying over, but for the time being I'm relatively fixed in Australia.
God damnit, those are the same prices as in Canada, and our minimum wages is like 9.50 an hour. WTF, Canada?! We have wombats though, those things are deadly.
I just wanted to point out that this way of showing what's formal and informal is really practical and I loved it when I read it in your book. I also now organize my wardrobe accordingly. Great! Really glad you liked the book and glad you found it useful.
Clean Shaven, Stubble, or Full beard? Depends on the man, the face, the situation, the style. With great beard come great responsibility; if you've got one, you've got to groom it. Link to beards.or is a really great resource, a good starting point for anyone who's interested in the finer points in crafting a gentlemanly beard.
Who is the richest person you know, and what do they do? In the past year I've met Kanye West, Usher and Bill Nighy. The latter was by far the coolest.
My richest non-celebrity client was a poker player who earned around 200k a year, but I don't ask how much my clients make.
If you mean people I regularly hang out with, I don't have a particularly high-flying lifestyle. Just involves a lot of sitting in cafes, writing, walking around the city and going through dudes' wardrobes.
If you had to pick one pair of shoes to wear this summer, which would you choose? As a great all-rounder shoe with a classic style and a great price, I can't go past Clarks Desert Boots, pictured in wax-suede. I know it's the MFA-standard thing to suggest, but they really are a great staple piece. I have a pair and I wear them with jeans, of course, but because they have a wide-ish toe shape they also go really well with relaxed, tapered chinos and dress pants. At a rough guess, I'd say that I wore them 300/365 days in the first year that I owned them.
A little history: They were introduced by Clarks for the British troops during the Western Desert Campaign in World War II. The crepe sole was designed for wearing on sand, and is incredibly comfortable. It became popularised in post-war Britain and the style never really changed, so if you know anyone who grew up in Britain in the 50s - they'll almost definitely know and love desert boots.
Can you use those for shorts as well? I think that might look a bit odd... With shorts I think it's far better to get a lower cut shoe. Desert boots come up to your ankle, which looks a little weird with shorts. Something lower cut - like a plimsol or a boat shoe - would be more appropriate. Sperry Topsiders (sans socks) with shorts is a pretty classic summery look.
I think boat shoes look retarded, with plimsols being slightly better. What about sandals/flip flops? How do those fit into a summer look of khakis and a polo? Personally I'm the same, I don't wear boat shoes but many guys love them. Just a matter of personal taste. I also vastly prefer pants over shorts, even in summer, and most often wear chinos with a desert boot, sometimes sockless depending on the weather.
Jeans/chinos plus thongs (flip flops) is, at least in Australia, frowned upon, looks a bit douchey-fratboy, especially with a polo (and especially if said polo has colloar popped). Sandals can be cool, but you have to be careful else they risk looking old man-ish. My business partner has a pair of Birkenstocks that he swears by (and is an incredibly well-dressed man), but for most a low-profile shoe or boot is far easier.
Do you have any tips on how to keep the sideburns clean? Is it a daily thing? Varies from man to man. I use a trimmer to keep a short-cropped beard at all times, but if you're shaving I'd pick a point around about in line with the hole of your ear (for me, this is exactly where my cheekbone meets my sideburns) and shave there. Don't do anything stupid like have big fat 70-s style sideburns; if it goes lower than the bottom of your ear you'll look like a bit of a fool.
For general beard grooming advice I strongly recommend Link to
A website for beards... why did I not know this existed? The article about shaping your neckline will blow your mind.
Thanks. Problem for keeping sideburns trimmed at point/hole of my ear is I have glasses sometimes and it pushes down on the sideburn when the hair gets too long... see here for example. But trimming sideburns up higher than where my frame is also looks weird, unless I get a haircut. Any suggestions? :\ Oh, wait, thought you meant the bit you shave rather than the actual sides of your hair. Have you tried using product to hold them down? That's what I do, works a treat. When you do your hair, put the product in the back first, then the sides, then the top, then the front. Then smooth down the back and sides, then style the top however you want.
Anything I should be aware of as far as good colors/clothing styles for a tall dark guy with my facial features?
Are most of clients straight or homosexual? Not hating, just curious. All have been straight (as am I).
Gay men (generally) know how to dress themselves. Funnily enough, the stereotype about gay men being well dressed is quite inaccurate, at least in Australia. As someone who spends most of his life amongst designers, models, retail assistants and the like, I'd say 95% of them are straight.
On the other hand, of all the gay people I know, only a very, very small handful of them dress well.
I'm headed to law school this fall, and while I won't need suits all the time while attending, I'm gonna pick up one or two for interviews and special events, etc. I'm torn between doing simple classic suits and maybe trying a three-piece with a vest which can then be dressed down rather easily. Thoughts? If you get a 3-piece, it often doesn't fit properly when you don't wear the waistcoat. I mean, it's fine to the untrained eye, but it won't be perfect.
If you very rarely wear suits, I'd suggest getting one classic all-round suit (navy or charcoal), and then investing in some sport coats and blazers that can be worn in a dapper, smart style without being too over-the-top formal.
I have a feeling my velcro shoes are out? Hah. I've seen far worse things. Contrary to popular belief, it's not all about suits and pocket squares.
Would you happen to know of where I could find shoes like that? They're a boat shoe, although unsure what brand specifically. If you go to /malefashionadvice and look at the top posts from this year, this one was around #10, in the comments he's listed what he's wearing.
Do you agree that Neal Caffrey is the best dressed character on TV. I've never heard of him/his show before, will have to check it out. The cast of Mad Men all dress extremely well, but for my money I'd pick the dark horse and say that the cast of Parks and Recreation all dress really well - ever since Adam Scott and Rob Lowe came onto the show, it seems like there has been a new costume designer on-set as all of the characters have been using colours in their outfits really effectively.
Can i email you before i go on a biz trip and ask for some advice on some outfits? i work from home but i work in finances so my work attire is generally shorts anda tshirt but i gotta dress nicer when i go to conferences n such ;/ Sure. PM me and I'll pass on my email, although I do get a whole lot of requests like this so it's best to just send me a couple of photos and I'll look them over. Or even better still, post them on /malefashionadvice and let the fine gents there help!
In your opinion, what outfits have helped men the most being noticed, creating attraction with women? i know its based on body type and such, so i guess ill throw in 5'9, 150lbs, slim and dirty blond hair medium length. It's less about specific outfits and more about having a style that presents you as a charming, confident and positive man.
I know that's probably not the answer you were looking for, but it really varies for person to person. You want to show the world that you're a man who has his life in order, is in control and has good taste.
Regardless, if you're short and slim you want to wear clothes that broaden your shoulders without being too over the top. Slim vertical lines are actually good for a short guy, as it helps the eye flow up and down your body and makes you look less stumpy. Get a haircut with short back and sides and a bit of length on the top.
What are your favorite hair products? For me, personally? I have thick luscious Italian hair, so I like products that tame without looking greasy or holding too tight. I've been a big fan of American Crew's line for a long time, their Fibre is great. A cheaper, similar-ish (although IMO not as good) option is Aveda Grooming Clay.
Lately I've been experimenting with boost powder and a little bit of pomade, which seems to work quite well.
Any idea what ever happened to American Crew's Classic Hold? The pomade is excellent, but I recall using a friends Classic Hold and loving it. eBay to the rescue!
Never used it myself, how does it compare to pomade?
What are your view on skinny Jeans? i think they suck. On 80s hair band throwbacks they look great. But super skinny jeans have been pretty lame for the past 5 years or so. They should, however, still be slim and well-fitted rather than baggy or billowy.
Do you have any colleagues in the USA to whom you send referrals? I would love to hire you for a shopping trip, but you insist on being an ocean away. If not, any tips for us statesiders who need sartorial handholding? How do we find a for-hire mentor? I don't have anyone in the US I'd specifically recommend, unfortunately. I've had numerous requests about this today, if there is enough interest I might have to organise a special trip...
Wear white socks with business casual when i can get away with it (laziness). It takes no more effort to put on black socks than white socks.
Have one pair of jeans I like, though prefer sweat pants (that typically have holes) Just unfitting/bad clothes all in all. It takes no more effort to put on a pair of nice pants than to put on sweatpants that have holes in them. It sounds like you're not lazy at all - you just prefer to act like you don't care about how you look. The pop psychologist in me wants to say that this is due to a deep-seated lack of self esteem, where you purposely sabotage the way you look because you're secretly afraid that if you do put in effort and try to look good, you'll still be unattractive and lack confidence.
Cut my hair every 6 months my self (head in garbage bag and run it with a buzzer) It sounds to me like you're not being lazy at all, but you just making bad choices.
So my question is: Will this catch up to me? How/what tips can you give me for me to get motivated to not look like a slob? Motivation is the biggest factor me me. Give it to me! It takes considerably more effort to cut your hair yourself than to sit in a chair and have someone cut it for you.
What you're doing seems like you're being lazy, but that's incorrect.
I'm short (5'4"ish) and solidly built (145lbs) through the shooulders and chest, though not fat. I have a hard time finding clothes that are big enough in the shoulders and chest, but aren't either too long or baggy in the midsection. Polos are usually ok [IMG]Link to as are suits [IMG]Link to but I have a hard time with everything else. Any suggestions on making me look a little longeleaner, or brands that might work with my proportions a little better? That polo looks great. The suit, however, looks like the shoulder is too big for you, the sleeves are too baggy (usually this means that the armholes are too low - higher armholes = a tighter sleeve) and the sleeve length is a little longer than I'd suggest. Bring it up an inch or so and it'll look far better. Finally, if you're finding that shirts that fit your shoulders are too baggy at the waist, you need athletic-fit shirts. They're cut for men with broad shoulders and slim waists. Alternatively, just buy the shirts so that they fit your shoulder and take them to a tailor to fix up the waist.
How much money do you make? See here.
What should I look for in a pair of shorts, especially in terms of length? Also, what's a good summer shoe to wear with shorts that is wide and tall enough to accommodate bulky orthotic inserts? I think you mentioned Clark's desert boots. Those are nice, but what about something with a lower cut to go with shorts? In general, look for shorts that end just above your knee. Also important is the width of the leg - if it sits tight on your thigh and is rather tube-like it will create a vastly different look to something that is more relaxed.
Link to
Any advice on finding clothes for us skinny/short folk? 5'6.5" and ~130lbs. It's nearly impossible to find non-shitty pants in 29x30, not to mention the issue with baggy dress shirts. Is tailoring pretty much the only option? For my shorter clients we always buy 32" inseamed jeans and have them hemmed. Finding 29x30 is possible, but you then severely limit yourself with the styles you can wear. Every man should have a good relationship with a tailor.
Dress shirts are the same, unfortunately - try slim fit shirts (never ever full cut or athletic fit), make sure they fit at the shoulder and the neck and let a tailor do the rest.
You'll find that clothes from Asia (especially those designed in Japan, for a Japanese market) will fit you far better than those designed for an American/European market. This is because the average man in Japan is 5'8" and very slim, so over there your body is just about average. I know several guys who have gone over to Japan with nothing but an empty suitcase, clothes there are cheap and plentiful.
How did you start out at your job? Any advice for an 18 year-old who has interest in doing something similar (fashion writing perhaps)? There's no good answer for this, except that I just sorta started doing it one day. Read blogs, forums, /malefashionadvice and absorb as much information as you can. See what other writers are doing, and work out what you like/don't like about the advice that they give. I found that most self-proclaimed 'style experts' have a really bad way of talking about clothes, and don't make concepts easily accessible for guys with a limited knowledge of men's style, so that's why I wrote my books/deal with that client base.
Any suggestions for blogs/forums that are a bit more advanced than MFA? I know how to dress myself, I just want to take it to a higher level and be more involved. thanks! Sure. Styleforum, Stylezeitgiest, Hyperbeast, Superfuture, Ask Andy About Clothes - all great forums.
Die, Workwear! The Sartorialist Street Etiquette Put This On.
Link to
Advice on hair? You've got a very round head. Offset this by getting very short sides (like, #2 clippers) and putting your hair up at the top, spike it, do something a little dramatic.
What's a safe cologne to get? Cologne - each man has his own tastes. For me, I wear La Nuit de l'homme by YSL almost exclusively. I also really love Wonderwood by Comme des Garcons.
Ive got a light grey blazer from Banna Republic and usually just wear it with a pair of nice dark blue jeans, collared shirt, chestnut leather belt and chestnut Johnson and murphy shoes, but what other pants could I wear with this? obviously dont want to go grey on grey but any other suggestions? I really love the blazer. Hard to tell without seeing the blazer, but you could also try wearing with golden brown/tan chinos. Sounds like you're on the right track with the dark jeans though, if you want some other options they'd probably look just as good with dark blue chinos and maybe even a casual dress pant.
So you're like a real life ryan gosling from crazy, stupid, love? i wish i could give you all my upvotes.. He has a far nicer house than me, but yes.
I live in America so this question may not have the same answer but here it goes: I would like to get an entirely new wardrobe, throwing away everything I currently own and starting from scratch. I want to look good; I want to look like I dress well. Inspired by the movie crazy stupid love. How much do you think this would cost and what do you think constitutes as a complete wardrobe? Thank you so much for doing this AMA. The Basic Wardrobe, v3.0
What should I wear when I go out to college bars? (21/M) Something that makes you look like you're slightly more sophisticated than everyone else there. Try dark jeans (dark = black or very dark indigo), some brown boots and a clean, crisp t-shirt/maybe with a button-up shirt on top, open, with sleeves rolled to your elbow. Clean and simple, don't need to overdo it.
Guy with a mostly runners body here, until I bulk up some and fill out more, what are some classy, retro, looks I can look to pull off that exude manliness? :D:D. Link to
All pretty classic and dapper, would suit a slim body.
Whats your advice for people with long legs? I'm tired of looking like Urkel when my pants are just comfortably resting on my hips. Wear clothes on your torso that extend down your body to hide your waistband/make your legs and torso look better proportioned. Blazers and sport coats are the best at this. Avoid tucking in t-shirts and shirts to your pants, as this elongates your legs.
Living in NC, it's hard to find good, light summer wear without being overly hot. Humidity also causes lots of sweating. What's a way to look sharp, and stylish without the weight? Light colours and light fabrics. Melbourne summers get really hot (35-41*C) so I know what it's like. Lightweight linen and cotton in shirts, jackets and pants will all help your body to breathe and will be nice and comfortable. You don't have to wear blazers and sportcoats if it's too hot - I often just wear some lightweight chinos (from ASOS), desert boots, a singlet (tank top/vest depending on where you're from) and an open shirt on top with the sleeves rolled to my elbow. With sunglasses, this is a pretty sharp, effortless look.
How did you actually get into this business? I am curious to know some of the steps it takes to become a personal stylist! I have a background in sociology, my business partner is/was a model and fashion designer. With our powers combined, we decided to start helping guys who had low self esteem and limited knowledge of dressing well, by presenting simple, easy to digest tips and tricks that anyone could understand.
It really started when I was at a party in late 2009 and a guy asked me to take him shopping to teach him how to dress like me. He referred other guys, and it kinda snowballed from there.
Anyways, I was wondering about the best type of coat for a skinny, somewhat lanky guy. Are you tall? A trench coat, definitely. Extinct on Brunswick St had some really great navy trenches on sale a while ago, dunno if they've still got them in stock but worth check out. Don't bother with anything from Jack London, their jackets are ok but overpriced, bad quality and can usually find better for cheaper.
Also, Shirts and sweaters okay? Your shirt/sweater combo is fine! a nice gingham goes great with a solid jumper like that.
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Southern Sartorialist's Cookies from Sweet and Vicious (Recipe on page 172). Written and Produced by Libbie Summers (Red Velvet Partners) Video and Editing by Eliza and Matt Barrera (Barrera ... If you're interested in licensing this or any other Big Think clip for commercial or private use, contact our licensing partner, ... Meet The Sartorialist, Scott Schuman - Duration: 1:08:31. Ermenegildo Zegna Becomes the Official Partner For China’s National Football Team Essential Homme. ... The Sartorialist for Ermenegildo Zegna SS14 Couture - Duration: 1:13. Zegna 9,534 ... 50-year-old silver-haired, tattooed Italian Gianluca Vacchi has over 11 million Instagram followers and is an aspiring actor. 50-year-old multimillionaire en... H.E. by MANGO LAUNCHES ITS NEW CAMPAIGN ALONGSIDE SCOTT SCHUMAN The blogger Scott Schuman becomes the photographer of the new Autumn/Winter 2013 H.E. by MANG... Margin Call 4 - Senior Partners Emergency Meeting - Duration: 9:49. Olivier BOSSARD Recommended for you. 9:49. Tiffany: What Makes Love True by Garance Doré & The Sartorialist - Duration: ... If you're interested in licensing this or any other Big Think clip for commercial or private use, contact our licensing partner, Executive Interviews: Follow Big Think ... If you're interested in licensing this or any other Big Think clip for commercial or private use, contact our licensing partner, ... The Sartorialist: Lunch for 25, ... John Lewis collaborates with four male sartorial collectors as part of their Spring Summer 2014 debut at the London Collections Men showcase.