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Idea for an Alternate History Mod

2020.10.21 18:54 Tigerdovefan34 Idea for an Alternate History Mod

So I have this idea for an Alternate History Mod, but I need help with developers and writers because I can only do so much myself. Here is the basic premise and the story. We can develop it further as time goes on : the POD here is that in 1919, 3 things happen : Rosa Luxembourg convinces the Spartacists to wait and grow a stronger base of support, leading to Karl Liebknecht and several other prominent Spartacists and Communist Germans fighting for the Hungarian and Slovak Soviet Republics in 1919, allowing both to survive past their initial expiration date. They also fight in the Polish-Soviet War, leading to the establishment of the Polish Soviet Republic, all three being Independent of the Soviet Union. In 1923-1924, the Inflation Crisis in Weimar Germany reaches a boiling point and bread riots break out across the nation, leading to the Spartacists to surge from 10.4% in 1919 and 12.6% in 1920 to 38.9% in 1924, leading to this set-up in the Reichstag
KPD: 188 Seats SPD : 88 Seats DNVP : 78 Seats Zentrum : 61 Seats NSFP : 33 Seats (7.1%) DVP : 23 Seats (5.1%) DDP : 4 Seats (1.0%)
With no party able to secure a majority but the elites of Germany unwilling to let the KPD rule, all members of the SPD, DNVP, Zentrum, and DVP Parties unite into a 264 seat weak coalition. This leads to continued chaos and the KPD, as the largest party, demands for a snap election, which happens in December with the following result :
KPD : 217 Seats (+29) DNVP : 81 Seats (+3) SPD : 73 Seats (-15) Zentrum : 64 Seats (+3) NSFP : 41 Seats (+8) DVP : 17 Seats (-6)
With the election meaning the non-radical parties being unable to form a majority (being 12 seats from doing so combined), they decide to reluctantly align with the more workable NSFP to form a bare coalition against the KPD. However, the KPD and it's Paramilitary is able to convince the German people that the Election was stolen from them and that they should be the rightful government of the Republic. Almost immediately a revolution spreads across Germany that sees all the cities and then all the other areas across the nation fall to Citizen Militias in the name of the KPD and Rosa. On April 9th, 1925, the Government of Germany flees and Britain, deciding to give them one final humiliation but also showing that he is against Communism, gives Tanzania as a puppet State for the German Government in exile to rule over, with Paul von Hindenburg being declared President for Life, though he is replaced by Gerd von Runstedt when he dies.
France, Britain, and Belgium's attempt to intervene in Germany sees protests erupt all over their nations and they are forced to crackdown on the protests before putting down the newly declared Worker's Republic of the German State or Arbeiterrepublik des Deutschen Staates (ARDS). As this goes by, Rosa implements a military purge to get rid of unloyal and anti-communist officers that were unable to flee and replaced them with loyal ones, while also having the veterans of Hungary and Poland train the new Army so that, during the 1927 invasion from France, Belgium, and Britain, the three nations are pushed back and the ARDS is able to push that they are now allowed to rearm and rebuild their Navy and Air Force, they are recognized as the legitimate government of Germany, Plebiscites are to be held in Austria, Liechenstein, and Luxembourg, and the Sudentanland and other German minority areas on whether or not these areas should join Germany, and finally the reparations are ended and a NAP is created for the next decade. By 1930, Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia falls to German, not Soviet, influence, and Dutch, Czech, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, and Danish Civil Wars sees German backed communists take over and Germany's plebiscites are very successful.
If anyone would be willing to help build more lore to this mod, feel free to ask me via message for my Discord Profile. Also, There is no official name for this Mod as of yet but I hope to make one soon. Please give thoughts. Ciao :) Also, IDK what's the proper flair for this but seeing as I'm looking for help in making this, I guess Support works for now.
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2020.10.21 16:04 BibleDiscourses Tightening the Grip (Political Rendering)

Tightening the Grip (Political Rendering)
  • Title: [Tightening the grip]
  • Creator(s): Tenniel, John, 1820-1914, artist
  • Date Created/Published: 1877 Dec. 1 [publication date]
  • Medium: 1 drawing : pencil, with red crayon on bristol board ; 23.4 x 18.1 cm. (sheet)
  • Summary: A large bear hugs a Turkish man, who clasps a bloody dagger, in a tight grip.
  • Reproduction Number: LC-USZ62-87772 (b&w film copy neg.)
  • Rights Advisory: No known restrictions on publication. No renewal in Copyright Office.
  • Call Number: SWANN – no. 710 (A size) [P&P]
  • Repository: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C. 20540 USA http://hdl.loc.gov/loc.pnp/pp.print
  • Notes:
    • No copyright information found with item.
    • Signed, lower right: JT monogram / 1877.
    • Title from Punch.
    • Bequest and gift; Caroline and Erwin Swann; 1974; (DLC/PP-1974:232.637)
    • The published version was accompanied by a poem encouraging England to condemn the Turkish massacre of the Bulgarian Christians and to support the Russians in the Turkish-Russian war, in progress in the Balkan region. England in the past had been a close ally of Turkey. Around 1876, anti-Turkish sentiment increased among the English and in particular, among Liberals, as a result of alleged Turkish brutality towards the Bulgarians. Former Prime Minister Gladstone, himself a Liberal, made a published appeal to the government and general population in a pamphlet entitled, The Bulgarian Horrors and the Question of the East (1876). Conservative Prime Minister Disraeli, a staunch supporter of Turkey, was infuriated by Gladstone’s effort to incite dissension and refused to change his policy. In a conference of world leaders held in Constantinople in December 1876, Turkey was pressured to make reforms in her treatment of the Bulgarians. The Turks refused and in early 1877, Russia declared war on Turkey. Disraeli’s government continued to stand by the Turks, offering financial assistance which threatened and eventually wore out the tired Russian army. Here, Tenniel comments on the war between Russia and Turkey, with the bear a symbol of the Russians.
    • Published in: Punch, December 1, 1877.
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2020.10.20 17:27 StuG1184 Bulgarian PG-1 gas mask in size 2 dated 1986

Bulgarian PG-1 gas mask in size 2 dated 1986 submitted by StuG1184 to gasmasks [link] [comments]

2020.10.19 19:51 koira-g-g New Battle for the Bosporus dlc

soo first of all i need to state that English isnt my first language and im sure there will be spelling and grammatical mistakes
okay soo first of all i really want to thank paradox for including Turkey in this new dlc
but there are a lot of flaws the main one almost all of the focuses are 70 days this makes it hard for Turkey to do something before everything goes down i tried fascist ottoman and i tried etatism with İsmet İnönü and i really need to say that things need to change for Turkey lets start with the Ottoman focuses now all focuses are 70 days and if you are a skilled player you can take Greece with naval invasions and you will be able to take Bulgaria fast enough to prevent them from joining axis (they can accept your subjugation too) but there is two pointless focuses that i cant understand why did even paradox added them these focuses are (Rejoin the Central Powers) and (Press the Austro-Hungarian Claim) now when you do the Press the Austro-Hungarian Claim) focus you will gain claims on romanian and yugoslavian territory and you will also get Austria Czechslovakia and Hungary the ''Rekindle Imperial Sentiment'' spirit this will increase their non aligned percentage but whats the point? other than hungary all of these nations will be annexed by Germany before you get down to take this focus and i can understand the Rejoin the Central Powers focus if you are in a multiplayer game this can work but i dont think anyone will be able to take this focus if they arent playing on un-historical now lets get to the other focuses on the Ottoman branch of the focus tree (Expand the Saadabad) Pact this focus is bugged and it doesnt do anything other than creating a faction it doesnt invite Iraq Iran and Afghanistan and the (Pan-National Association of Ulemas) focus is bugged to it doesnt make Iraq Iran and Afghanistan your puppet to get the 4th research slot Germany must be monarchist and Hungary needs to form Austria-Hungary like why? this is almost impossible you will be locked with 3 reseearch slot until the end of time and Re-form the Ottoman Empire decisions are mainly bugged for example you cant core Syria even if you control all the French states in Syria i havent checked if the other decisions work because i didnt play it that much but there is a thing that would make a really good diffrence and make the game more fun for the Ottoman Empire i have two suggestions the first one is to buy Jordan and Palestine from Britian you know it would be better for Britian to sell it to the Ottomans than to lose it to Italians or maybe you can start a border conflict to get Jordan and Palestine or even Jordan only at least the borders will look good
now lets get down to the fascist side of the dlc for Turkey
now i need to say that its awful like to be honest i wonder if you guys even cared about this side of the tree my strategy is to justify a war goal on bulgaria to prevent them from taking thrace and thessalonica because i dont know why but they just take it from you Bulgaria doesnt even ask for it it just goes automatically to the Bulgarians please fix this paradox these states were captured and annexed before the ww2 started if i captured it alone atleast Bulgaria should ask for it right? now lets talk about joining Axis oh lord why are these focuses are all 70 days!? you cant do anything like NOTHING! you can only take iraq and thats it and by the time you join the ww2 the date would be around 1941/1942 it please reduce the times of some focuses it really slows down turkey and when i said you can only take iraq i meant without joining ww2 like when you capitulate them you would be able to annex them and yes there is a focus to take Greece and its name is (Rebuke the Treaty of Lausanne) but it has no point italy will declare war on them and capitulate greece before you even select it now lets get to the (Misak-ı Milli focus) it doesnt do anything it has no point it doesnt give you any decisions to demand 1920 borders you just get an event thats it! like what? i cant even demand Syria from vichy france and i need to take deir-az-zur to form turan what do you expect paradox? do you want us to declare war on everybody? at least bring some decisions to demand 1920 borders now like i said before please reduce the times of some focuses for example (Approve the Funkplan Invite German Officers to Izmir Purchase Italian Tanks and The italo-turkish naval academy) these focuses must be reduced to 35 days to let Turkey do something and the military reform focuses its soo obvious that these focuses werent made with any kind of effort and its soo small but thats ok at least reduce these focuses to 35 days because the player wont take these focuses until he gets down to expanding and diplomatic focuses and when he completes those focuses it would be really late to take military focuses i would understand (Learnings from the Great War and Hava Okulu) focuses are 70 days they are the first focuses of the military branch
Im done i want to thank you my dear friend if you read all of this! and i need to say that yes i played the Etatism İsmet İnönü branch and joined the axis but its almost the same with the fascist route thats why i didnt write anything about it
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2020.10.19 19:20 ToshVal The Proposal

For all of you commenting on the proposal, here is a bit of insight you apparently didn't know and/or have taken into consideration. The cultural difference.
In Bulgaria, there is no such thing as a "proposal". No engagement ring is given in a romantic, earth-shattering, original way (with some exceptions nowadays, when some people are copying what they've seen in the American movies). There is NO such tradition, though, so this all is unusual for Georgi. As a Bulgarian, let me explain how it USUALLY goes. Here it is.
It is completely normal for two people who've been dating/living together for some time to openly and regularly discuss their future - or lack of such thereof, potential marriage included. The woman is not waiting for years for the guy to "pop the question" or surprise her with a ring. It is perfectly normal for her to ask at ANY time she feels she wants to know where exactly the relationship is standing "Are we getting married?" and "When we are getting married?" is a norm. In my case, as we were VERY young, I asked "Are we getting married or what?" My husband shrugged and said, "It's better to get married in August, after our exams in July, what do you think?" LOL. No drama. No moonlight. No ring. So August it was. As simple as that. Done. We might have been young, but we figured out there is an easy way out of the pre-wedding mess - we gladly gave the task of organizing it to our Mothers, as we didn't care at all what flowers or colours they will choose, or anything else wedding-related, for that matter. We only asked not to be bored much with details, lol. They were ecstatic to do so, and we were free to enjoy ourselves without any worries and stress. Win-win situation. Besides, the Mothers did a splendid job. A few decades later we are still together and never missed celebrating our wedding anniversary. And that's what matters.
So don't be too harsh on Georgi for the lame (by the American standards) proposal. It's foreign for him, and he is simply being considerate to Darcy's expectations. What in Bulgaria is considered an actual engagement - after the couple has reached an agreement to marry - is the party given by the family of the future bride (like a mini-wedding with the closest family and friend from both sides). As for the ring, the custom dictates the MOL to give to the future bride a golden ring and various other gold jewelry. MOB gives her daughter gold jewelry, too, and usually, these are heirlooms from grandmothers that are passed from generation to generation.
And because I'm writing on the subject - a bit about the weddings there. Very similar to the Moldovan wedding of Libby and Andrei. 200-300 people - perfectly normal. Lavish celebrations. The bill is usually split between the two sets of parents, and the young couple can contribute or not, or pay entirely for it - depending on their situation. If the young couple pays for the wedding, the parents will simply give them the money they had prepared for this day anyway. This can happen before or at the wedding - depending on what the young couple says they want.
Last, but not least - Georgi deserves an award for being patient and tolerant with the butchering of his name. He never corrects them when they grossly mispronounce it, and simply goes with it. Darcy can learn from Libby and put an effort to correctly pronounce her partner's name.
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2020.10.17 06:51 pang9999 World heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua will defend his IBF, WBA, WBO and IBO titles against Kubrat Pulev on 12 December at The O2 in London.

World heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua will defend his IBF, WBA, WBO and IBO titles against Kubrat Pulev on 12 December at The O2 in London.

Joshua, 31, last fought in December 2019 when he reclaimed his titles from Andy Ruiz Jr with a unanimous points victory in Saudi Arabia.
Pulev was due to face Joshua in June but it was postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic.
It is not clear if it will be without fans because of Covid-19 restrictions.
Pulev has been waiting for a chance to face Joshua for almost three years after a shoulder injury forced him out of their planned world title bout in October 2017.
The 39-year-old Bulgarian announced on Monday that the fight had been agreed.
"December 12 is the date and once again the heavyweight belts go up in the air and it is my sole focus to make sure that come December 13 they are in their rightful place in the UK," said Joshua.
"The O2 is the original lion's den, I have a lot of history with the arena, but without the fans something huge is missing.
"I am really hoping that, safety permitting, we might be able to bring some boxing fans in, but we will have to see.
"I respect every opponent and I respect Pulev. I wish him well during his preparation."
Pulev said that "for the small country of Bulgaria to stand up for the heavyweight titles is a great accomplishment".
He added: "This fight is for my late father and all Bulgarians around the world. I'm coming to London to seize the heavyweight championship of the world." i99bets
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2020.10.12 10:07 lukeburrage 300 episodes of Futureling Species Speculation by Ken and John

To mark the 300th episode of Omnibus, here's every speculation by Ken and John on the podcast about what the Futurelings will look like, smell like, be like, etc. This is from a notes file on my phone, so maybe I've missed some. Episodes that aren't listed contain no speculations.
What's your favourite Speculated Futureling Species?
(shared a previous version of this, but the post is now archived so can't update it or comment)

Intro episode
Cockroaches, presumably.

European Starling
Starlings are the only bird left in North America, replacing the Eagle as the symbol of the country.
Live in a community of pacifism and pure energy... who have better taste than current people and revere the Long Winters, and use his track as a National Anthem.
Maybe half goat half person that like peeing on themselves.

Futurelings live in a world called Battlefield Earth.
Insectile claw into record grooves to listen to Omnibus.

Marathon of 1904
Giant. Megafauna.
Blocks of cheese, or maybe Ents?

The Pig War
All living in utopian Cascadia.
No Facebook... and no faces either.

Giant moles, smelling the podcast, not hearing it.

The Rachel
May be wearing a haircut called the Ken Jennings.

Live on potato starch... worship the potato.

Water Wars
3.5 feet tall horned toads that lick moisture off rocks.
Listening thousands of feet underground at the water table.

Live in hives.
Eat massive 12,000 pound ducks that last the entire futureling’s life.
Click mandibles to write letters.

Secret Order of the Double Sunrise
Listening from Singapore which has a billion people, part of a global hive.
Have gossamer dragonfly wings due to evolvolution.
Houston and New York are part of the same megalopolis.
They all have an AI John Roderick in their treehouses.

Darien Gap
Sentient fish who live underwater and look at submerged trees.

Heil Honey I’m Home!
No such thing as race in futurelings.
All rooms only have three walls due to the main architectural influence being family sitcoms.

Old futurelings watch Jeopardy hosted by Alex Trebec’s head in a jar of nutrients.
Might all be part of the Canadian Hegemony.
Mandibles clicking in excitement.
Live in 55,000 small nation states.

Giant Cockroaches again
Twitter became SkyNet and Omnibus is recorded for it.

All left handed, or left mandibled, pincered, winged.

Paris Syndrome
Live in prairie dog burrows.
All are descendants of France or Québécois and eat Camembert.
Clack mandibles and speak the Lingua Franca: English.

Thomas Midgley
ConAgra is now the world government, and each corn kernel is a full meal.
Population of:
300 billion living in a superstructure that extends out past the orbit of the moon.
A lot live in 10,000 year old house with lead paint.

Mummy Brown
Cockroaches that snort cocaine and find arrows through the head funny.

Mutually Assured Destruction
Chuckle into their sleeves.

Death disks
the president is a sentient coral reef
Sentient spam in the form of a giant clam

Hat etiquette:
Omnibites vs Nonmibites

Bellamy salute:
All wrapped in flags

All using Oneida silverware.

All a single organism like an Aspen forest?

Zuider Zee
All Dutch

Rubber Barons
Play future golf with human sacrifice
They are crows (only corn is made in the future)

Mary Anning
Cloud of flying mollusks

Tuvan throat singing.
Star fish with no sensory equipment

Egyptian Hieroglyph Dogs who can write
Descended from British Royal Skye Terrier
With snake and/or tarantulas as pets.

Call signs
All live inside Radioshacks
Angels of Mons
Have tentacles

Cold blooded and climb rocks to bask under the many suns

Bit Tawil
Live under an unfriendly draconian Pope who has sex with his cousin and inspires future Martin Luthers.

Have super-crania and can access any record at will from a web of information.
Different parts of the hive mind listen to different Omnibus episodes at one time.
Old timey prospectors, with no teeth, making sourdough bread... but in the asteroid belt.

Washington Generals
Type with claws translating via babelfish. Or maybe they are babelfish.

Backyard Blast Furnaces
Vermont farmers on collective farms.
Again, aspens spread world wide, all communicating through the connected root network.

William Rufus King
Everyone lives in Pearce Country
Sentient descendants of the hepatitis plague.

Tylenol Murders
Ectoplasm lives next door, might need to be murdered.
Listeners turn off when they hear about Facebook, as it is as bad as slavery.

Moon illusion
Live on planets Musk and Bezos
6 feet long probiscus noses double prehensile noses
Run on their noses with a Fitbit in the crepuscular crevice

Spanish Fly
Hundred noses cushballs only reproducing due to bremelanotide.
New date era is AF - after Facebook

Gordon Lish
Octopuses all with names that rhyme with “ayden”.

Port Chicago Disaster

Duchenne Smiles
Faceless, no expressions.

Preppy Handbook
Sentient muscles that breath air and live above the sea. Their hive mind is deciding on one blazer for all or individual pieces for each muscle.
Maybe crocodiles or polo horses with human looking-heads attached
Maybe sentient Ivy League college campuses.

St. Martin Fistula
Eat bugs. And humans. Through their tentacles.

Bugatti Chiron
Travel with flying toilet lids

The Conqueror
Sentient algae carpets
Aging creatures with metal detectors.
Sentient four leaf clovers walking around.

Not four legs, lobster people, live in a wreckage of the world where it is always hot. Or in a constant brush fire. Or a glacier.
Four dimensional listeners who see time as a solid object, and are looking at Ken and John “now”.

Billy the Pygmy Hippo
Reanimated taxidermy animals?

The Koryo Saram
Sentient hat racks.
Sentient labradors who are colorblind
Sentient rods and cones, and the rods are very racists against cones.
Sentient colours?

War Rugs
Octopus with a Hitler watercolor painting.
Prayer rugs made of algae and anemones

Christian Science Reading Rooms
Grey multi-tentacled old ladies volunteering.

Raccoons, of course, with opposable thumbs, listening by feeling toffee with grooves.

Voyager Golden Records
100% nipples

Greek Fire
All Bulgars and Hessians

Barefoot Burglar
Have hearing oriffices, and should never insert anything smaller than their tentacle.

D-Day Crosswords
Tell time by tides. All amphibious.

Michael Rockefeller
Sorted the problem of mad cow disease when eating the brains of their enemies.
Sentient kangaroos?

Sentient robots who pay for lubricant with 3D printed meat as their currency.
Communicate historical tweets via empathetic goop.

59 Les Paul Standard
Stylus in each tentacle to listen to the gold records holding the Omnibus episodes.

Inversion Goggles
Giant ants. Or Jains who don’t want to kill ants.

The Berkeley Pit
Copper beings evolved from the bacteria in the pit.
Decemberists wrote the national anthem.

Saint Helena Submarine Plot
Nautilus shellfish.

Anarchist Cookbook
Consume content through various receptor
Listening in the aftermath of the violent revolution inspired by the Anarchist Cookbook Movie adaptation.

Fourth Crusade
Omniscient clouds that already know all of the Omnibus.
Citizens of a decadent cultured empire besieged by a spartan barbarian enemy.

Anita Bryant
Borg Blobs

Hilbert Hotel
Solve the Hilbert Problems before breakfast. And the Riemann Hypothesis too.
No “guys”. No genders. The only guys are holding boats to piers. They are nautical. Every day is Talk Like A Pirate Day.
Gleep Glop Language based on infinity.

Jefferson, State of
All futurelings live in California.

Disco Demolition
Baseball evolved into sentient. Round horse balls.
Everyone is a Jehovah’s Witness.

Sentient Bulgarian algae mats

Mail Trucks
Future sentient mail trucks?

Dancing Mania

Blue Men of the Sahara
Cloud tentacles in sulphuric seas listening to podcasts across the oceans.

Tsar Bomba

Pokémon Go
Actually self-aware Pokémon in a virtual world in the cloud.
Giant sircades?
Islamic fearmongers?
Intelligent chem trails?
Mosquitoes complaining about Omnibus on Facebook.

Hollow Earth
Citizens of the hollow Earth.
All AI versions of Ken and John.
All named either Donnie or Marie.

Second sleep
Robots that don’t need to sleep.
Do not defecate, only recycle the water inside themselves.

Brown Sound
Three genders like midshipmen fish, communicating via sonic waves through mud.

The Ballads of Ossian

The Letter J
Live in a future paradise with only 10 letters in the alphabet.

Bridley Murphy
Sentient desk calendars that have a sense of humor.
All fractional owners of single memories of Ken and John.

Albert Pierrepoint
All living in cells guarded by Robocops.
The word “Facebook” is a profanity.
Or living in cloud cabins.

The Doomsday Flight
Multiple hearts and die of hearts attacks.

Wild Man Fischer
Sentient aspen grove again.

Jennens v. Jennens
Pronounce Jennings with insectile clicks and computer beeps.
Living in a simulation of a post apocalyptic world.

The Cagot
Slightly brighter eyes for the futurelings who listen to Omnibus. They will be the outcast heretics.
Look just like us but slightly more like the greys. With wheatish skin.

Deep Fried Turkey
Giant intelligent Crawfish.
Intelligent mud bugs.
The turducken/roast without equal is actually the futureling.

Pumpkin Pie
Pigs who are Shakespearean actors.
All food made of pumpkin.

The Qibla
In the inside of a Dyson Sphere around the earth.

Scrappy Doo
An ambiguous mixture of A. Humans who are so heavily into furry culture they have transformed themselves into almost-animals, B. animals who have evolved more and more human attributes so are almost-human and C. real-life creations of a computer AI that achieved sentience at the moment that humans reach peak-furry, so their corporeal avatars look like humanoid animals.

Ghost Forests
Sentinel mineralized trees on the coast with pysonic communication with land trees.
Actually ghosts of beagles listening to a continuous loop of Omnibus in a cave.
The ghost of John Lennon.

Marmorated Stink Bugs
Bugs listening via vibrations through their probisci.
Punisher issue 28 is their Gutenberg bible and the founding document in their own library of Congress.

Robert Smalls
Sentient aspens who keep ferns as slaves to harvest nutrients.

Patrick Nagel
Mud bugs
Rio is one document that survives.

Telling the Bees
Live in a hive, communicate via social media via dancing.

The Christmas Truce
Lobsters that don’t celebrate Christmas. Worship tentacled Cthulhu gods.

Thomas Nast
Fur suits.
Sentient wet cardboard boxes.

The Turboencabulator

Listening on Mars

Track 61
Can send corporeal objects through time portals.

Vica Versa
Soul swapping entities that inhabit any body they want. 6 futurelings per cool body with the uncool bodies sit empty.

Trucker Culture

Twins of Benin
Trilateral symmetry

Samantha Smith

Flagpole Sitters
Antennae for hearing.
Use meters not feet.
Listening from on top of a pillar and worship Ken and John as gods.

Bodies of Mount Everest
Do they celebrate the new year a week after the winter solstice?
Don’t use feet for measures.
Say Kill-o instead of kilo.

Jaqualine Cochran
Sentient deep sea eel, maybe with tails tied together.

The Foreign Legion
Social media is cordoned off from most of the Futurelings.

Just blonde mustaches the colour of mocha with cream.
All decedents of both John and Ken and their children.

Honest Dick
Hive of aspens with a Queen Aspen.

Mike the Headless Chicken
Hunter gatherers with tentacles.
Only eat cats.
Have Chip to put social media right into their brains.

The Cheesesteak War
Eat cheesesteaks.

Tippi Hendren’s Fingernails

Anything into Oil
Jellyfish tentacles or aspen roots.

Egg Cracking Machines
Invertebrates have taken over the universe. All have exoskeletons. The only internet left is the Omnibus.
All birds and like it when John talks about chickens.
One massive chicken... that listens to Omnibus.
100% of entertainment programming by JoCo.


Breezewood, Pennsylvania

Cocaine Hippos
Offspring of the first genetically manipulated Chinese babies.
Or icebergs?

Wide skis
Slide down mountains on slime from glands near their anus.

Mussolini ‘s nose
Sentient Gas wearing a T-shirt.

Owls with uneven eyes that only eat chicken wings.

French Revolutionary Calendar
Marsupials and Tasmanian Devils covered in mucus.
No bilateral symmetry, but need eight holes in their T-shirts.

Charge of the Light Brigade
Sentient dung.

Hotel detectives
Drives octopodal vehicles.

Private Wojtec the Bear
Thoughtful algae

Plymouth Rock
Plymouth Rock Chickens that can move things with their minds.

Trapper Keeper
Coral polyps as friends.

Reindeer Wizards
More aspens

The Kamehameha Colonists
Intelligent turtles.
Avian futurelings descended from island birds.
Intelligent guano or corral.

Cold Fusion
Antennae and abdomen

Capybara wearing a Ken Jennings suit.

Quonset Huts
All living within social media, they are their avatars.
Robot owls. Like Blade Runner. Or clash of the titans.

Peak Phosphorus
80% phosphorus in their pseudopods.
Sentient acacia trees who talk using pheromones saying “the ants will not shut up!”

Four Color Map Theorem
Higher dimensional beings. Four dimensional crystals. Or many dimensional fungus.

Pacific salmons.
Or maybe sentient botulism.
Or maybe super intelligent yet annoyed sea lions.

Bob Dylan’s Christian Period
Have sentient fronds.

Lottery Winners
Baltimore is the main city.
The lottery is outlawed.

Sentient gluten wheat.

Everyone lives in Plimptonia or Jugglonia.

A slow as possible
Future octopuses
Play music with their wings. Sentient wheat chaff with tendrils.

Sliced Bread
Mouths, mandibles, Gastropoda, pheromones.

Icelandic Incest
All descendants of the third cousins of John and Ken’s offspring.

Ticker Tape Parade
All worship the giant styrofoam Ken Jennings head.
Bipedal octopuses clacking their beaks.

Angels Dance on the Head of Pin
Shades of blue? They will know how many of them can fit on the head of a pin.

Jonny Appleseed
Sentient Apple trees.

Government Cheese
Libertarian Coral Reefs
Self-aware green bean casserole.

Faces of Death
Made out of skateboards. Sentient longboards are the ruling class.

No fault marriages
Jenningites and Roderickites with opposing views on marriage.
Hyper political algae mats wearing whip inflation now buttons.
Intelligent whirling trash gyre in the ocean.

Porfirio Rubirosa
Ethereal beings with 11 inch cocks. With whispy children and gas for ears.

Fern fever
Propagate via spores.

Mother Jones
Super intelligent yellow fever virus.
The Rite of Spring Riots
Cuttlefish people.
Crustaceans with ears.
Single sentient being pure of Zuckerburgian infiltration.

Duchess of Bedford
Filter feeders, eat one turtle per yea, live under constantly dark skies.
Sea creatures filtering krill through baleen continuously.
Ants with a singular intelligence.

Square Dancing
Sentient octopus that are basically parachutes.

Ada Lovelace
The beings left behind after The Rapture.

Cowctopus (octopus mixed with cow)
Pigtopuses are our current listeners?

Christmas Pickle
Billions of years in the future and the planet Earth has fallen into the sun, the calendar is based on stars.

Induced Demand
Iguana Jellyfish hybrids.

Byzantine Rhinokopia
Dogs with object permanence.

The Tech Model Railway Club
Sentient Squirrels

Tentacles or imaginary tentacles, used to play the oldest game, Backgammon. Still love backgammon.

George Bush’s Crack Dealer
Robots sad they can’t feel the highest highs.

The Death of Trolleys
Equine ancestors or centaurs.

Sentient aspens

The Tootsie Roll Indian
Sentient Math

Longitudinal Film
Don’t worry about ageing. Made entirely out of genes.
Sentient versions of the show: John robots and ken robots.

Cow Magnets
Self-aware bezoars.

Only social media animal avatars.

The De Haviland Beaver
Sentient De Haviland Beavers... or sentient actual beavers who are resentful of the plane taking their name.

Bode’s Law
A society of prey species and predator species, only one side of which are listening to Omnibus episodes for mindless entertainment/ ideas for good governance/ etc.

Squids with eyebrows.
Future citizens of Ferdinandia curious about the weird Medusa flag.

Chick tracts
Sentient Golden Mist.

Roald Amundsen’s Airship.
Senitient pixels in google earth.
Sentient Italian fusilli.

Pulsars, Discovery of
Emotionally sentient Nobel prize rejected scientists.

Sea Silk
Sentient hoodies.

Deborah Sampson
Probably all female. Makes aren’t needed.

No mouths, only “eat” UV light shining on their body.

Hanky Codes
Sentient aspens.
Everyone has two mothers.

The Guru Letters
Giant sentient mosquitos.

The Phoebus Cartel
Sentient lightbulb tungsten creatures.

Tibetan Memory Trick
Sentient Limerick Oysters.

Sister Cities
Sentient earth due to connected nodes of sister cities.

Dutch Elm Disease
Two races of sentient trees: deciduous and evergreen.
Replica humans resistant to viruses.

Vesna Vulovic
John’s beard has become sentient.

Lilith is the number one god of the futurelings.


Change of Gauge
See in infrared.
Sentient train cars.
120% Basque.

Generic Food
Sentient Pigglywiggies laying down the with Sentient Food Lions.

Take Ivy
All naked.
​ Mary Kay Pink Cadillacs
Live in Tupperware boxes

Aztec Death Whistles
Sentient Star Wars Action figures.

Seawise Giant
Sentient GSM (Greek shipping magnates)
Or sentient aspens who have never seen a ship.
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2020.10.11 16:06 ProjectLuster Kaiserreich For Darkest Hour Progress Report 3: The Ottoman Empire

Kaiserreich For Darkest Hour Progress Report 3: The Ottoman Empire
Welcome one and all to the third Progress Report for Kaiserreich for Darkest Hour! As you may recall from the last PR, the next update for KRDH is focused on the Middle East, thanks to a partially completed Ottoman rework from 2016 being graciously handed to us by an old team member! In fact, that is today's nation! The Ottomans!


The Ottoman Empire has been troubled of late. Their entry into the Weltkrieg in 1914 proved to be a mixed bag, where victories at Gallipoli and elsewhere were tempered by military defeat in the Caucuses and The Levant. The Arab Revolt of 1916 would see revolts among some of the Arab population as British forces advanced to aid them. The greatest disasters would come in 1918, when British General Allenby would conquer Damascus after a great encirclement. This caused Panic and Anti-German sentiment to rise throughout the Empire, and only victory in the West in 1919 along with the leadership of Mustafa Kemal Pasha kept The Sublime Porte in the war until it would end in 1921. In the peace The Ottomans would claim rulership over the former Italian colony of Libya, now a restored Tripolitania, as well as suzerainty over the recently independent Armenia.

Ottoman Diplomatic Screen: 1 January, 1936
But the end of the war would not mean the end of the Ottoman’s troubles. Knowledge of the Armenian Genocide had become so widespread that many relations soured, and the carnage combined with the uprooting of many in Eastern Anatolia left the region much poorer than it had been at the start of the war. The Greeks of Asia Minor also abandoned the Porte in the early years of the war, and over 400,000 dead men left the economy teetering. The seizure of Cyprus, The Sinai Peninsula, and Kuwait after the collapse of the British Empire would only exacerbate that. When Egypt declared independence in the chaos, The Ottomans moved into to secure the Suez Canal. Officially to maintain the trade link, unofficially to use it to help rebuild the economy.

The Ottomans were betrayed however. Germany, eager to take as much as they could, moved into the Canal itself and claimed ownership. This turned into a three week standoff between the Kaiserliche Marine and The Ottoman Army that became known as the Suez Crisis. What initially appeared to be a joint German-Ottoman takeover to outsiders evolved into a near total collapse of relations. After weeks of furious negotiation through their old wartime allies in Austria and Bulgaria, The Suez Canal was awarded to Germany in exchange for promised financial assistance to rebuild the Ottoman economy. But the damage was done, and Berlin and Constantinople have not gotten along since.
Isolated, and with relations with Germany cooled over the Suez Crisis, The Ottomans turned to the war hero Kemal for leadership. Playing up his place as a determined servant of the Sultan, Kemal built up a power base around his Ottoman People's Party party that would dominate politics within The Ottoman Empire through the rest of the decade. Two other parties would come into the national spotlight as the strongest opposition parties and the only ones with the hope of dethroning Kemal: The liberal "Freedom and Accord Party" and the much more conservative and pro-Turkish Turanist Party. Kemal’s age is starting to show, and many expect a snap election to be called in the event of his death, and both parties will make their bid for power. It is a matter of them building enough support… or for Kemal’s followers to keep themselves united after his death…

In gameplay terms what this means is that your main job as an Ottoman player during 1936 and 1937 is to balance building the strength of your preferred party with either building up enough support for reform or intentionally failing to. This gives you six domestic paths before WK2: two for each party depending on if they have enough support in the chamber of deputies or not. A lot of events will affect your support one way or another, so be careful balancing immediate gain with long term political success…

On a quick tangent the Ottoman Chamber of Deputies is some of the most interesting code I have seen in Darkest Hour. Based off the Long March events between Communist and Nationalist China in the base game’s 1933 scenario, this content will make the Ottoman’s one of the most unique tags in all of Darkest Hour.
Of course that is not the only thing you will have to worry about. Foreign concerns abound playing as the Ottomans. The Balkan Pact will look to destabilize your Bulgarian frenemy, Russia might become revanchist and look to take Armenia off of you, and of course the Third Arab Congress will likely inflame your own minorities and see your envious neighbors plan to destroy you. How you respond to these will affect both your ability to bring your preferred party to power and your performance in a future conflict with The Cairo Pact.
I hope you have enjoyed this preview of what is coming in 1001 Arabian Fights! Next time we will head west a little bit, to Egypt, The Gift of The Nile. We might also reveal the release date. That would be fun.

While you wait: Have completely unrelated teasers!
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2020.10.09 13:51 EmpathyRTS Improvement Cup

Improvement Cup

two 1v1 tournaments happening at the same time. :)
The prizes will be winning coaching sessions from pros and top coaches such as Vinchester, Fire, Jupe, Miguel, Modri, Nicov and several more. :)
Which coach will be the price for which achievement will be announced in the upcoming days.The winner of each tournament will get: 3 coaching sessions/hours from 3 different coaches each = 9 coaching sessions/hours in totalThe other two finalists will get: 3 coaching sessions/hours from 2 different coaches each= 6 coaching sessions/hours in totalThe semifinalists will get: 2 coaching sessions/hours from 2 different coaches = 4 coaching sessions/hours in total
I will make sure that after the group stages each match of the knockout stages will be casted. I will cast the matches on my channel always with a pro player together. This way the players can also learn many things from the casting.:)
Both tournaments will have 7 maps each.
Group stage will be played bo5. Knockout stage bo7Each player has 1 map ban.
Map-pool for tournament 1:
-Golden Pit
Map-pool for tournament 2:
-Ghost Lake
For the map-pool the great Chrazini will do a mod, so every players just downloads the mod and will always be up to date with the maps. :)
The first map in both tournaments as set-map will be Arabia, always.
For each map u can choose between 4 civs. So each player can prepare for each map with his prefered civ out of those 4.
-Golden Pit: Magyar, Turks, Byzantine, Bulgarians
-Hoodoo: Maya, Persia, Malians, Italians
-Frisia: Portuguese, Inca, Indians, Malay
-Sahara: Berbers, Mongols, Saracenes, Franks
-Scandinavia: Japanese, Celts, Malians, Saracene
-Steppe: Koreans, Vikings, Franks, Ethiopians
-Mirage: Teutons, Britons, Huns, Chinese
- Desert: Spanish, Cumans, Burmese, Mongols
-LN: Britons, Celts, Spanish, Khmer
-Acclivity: Bulgarians, Magyar, Slavs, Atztec
-Ghost Lake: Lithuanians, Slavs, Saracenes, Huns
-Mongolia: Korea, Tatars, Malay, Goths
-Bedouins: Atztec, Cumans, Persia, Khmer
-RF: Mongols, Goths, Portuguese, Tatars
**The tournaments will include a group stage.**Both group stages have to be played within 2 weeks. So when u sign up for 1 tournament that means u must play 3 matches in two weeks. If u sign up for both tournaments u have to play 6 matches in two weeks. Keep that in mind please.After that single elimination.Sign ups are open until the 17th October.I aim for 16 players for each tournament.
-Be between 1400-1800 --> Highest ever achieved rating not above 1850-have at least 40 1v1s played, sign up with your main Account-make sure you have time to participate in the tournament-be able to play your matches between 14-20 GMT (as starting times) during the week.
-->this is supposed to make sure that the scheduling between the players will work and be more smooth.
-->if u sign up for the tournament, while u are not able to offer at least 3 times during the week, between 15-20 GMT (as starting times) to play your matches, you will get banned. Dont assume only because u have time on the weekend that all your opponents will have as well.
-->If u sign up for the tournament but then dont show up to your matches, i will also ban u from my future tournaments.-Players are free to schedule there matches also for the weekends, but offer your opponents also times during the week to play your matches.
-treat your opponents with respect-we will use the following bugged map Rules to call an admin Restart:
--> If less than 6 tiles of a Players main gold are accessible on one side or less than 4 tiles of a Players specific extra golds(Extra golds that don’t belong to a particular player are excluded)
-->If less than 4 tiles of a players Stone are accessible on one side(Extra stones that don’t belong to a particular player are excluded)
-->If less than 4 tiles of player-specific forage bushes are accessible on one side(Extra forage bushes that don’t belong to a particular player are excluded)
-->Any of the starting animals are trapped or in any way inaccessible-on non tc starts no laming until Minute 5(dont kill vills before min 5)-on Mirage 1.1 it is forbidden to delete the opponents fish by building a dock on it-1 Restart per player
submitted by EmpathyRTS to aoe2 [link] [comments]

2020.10.08 12:46 majinmattossj2 Brazilian Big12 series, Episode 12/12: São Paulo

Previous episodes: Flamengo, Vasco, Fluminense, Grêmio, Botafogo, Atlético Mineiro, Internacional, Corinthians, Santos, Palmeiras, Cruzeiro
In this series I will present each of the 12 Brazilian teams that together compose the "Big 12". My point is to make them more knowledgeable to you, since each one of these teams have their share of the Brazil national team success and of Brazilian club football accomplishments as a whole. I'll try to be as smooth, efficient and non-boring as I can. If the feedback is positive, I'll keep bringing more to this series. So ok, let's do this!
Method: I'll present the teams in a chronological order, from the oldest foundation (Flamengo-1895) to the latest one (São Paulo-1930). The order will be: Flamengo, Vasco, Fluminense, Grêmio, Botafogo, Atlético Mineiro, Internacional, Corinthians, Santos, Palmeiras, Cruzeiro, São Paulo. How many of these have you heard of?
Extra clubs: Due to a high number of requests, I'll also present 3 teams who don't belong to the Big12, but are also considered big clubs in Brazil: Bahia, Athletico Paranaense and Coritiba. Welcome to the club!
Geographical reference: Before we start, I'd like to ask something very simple from you. I want you to keep in mind that these 12 teams are spread in 4 different States in Brazil. The club's State name is written below, next to the club's name. It has a direct link to Google Maps, so that you can check it out to make this experience more accurate.

Episode 12/12: São Paulo (State: São Paulo), founded in 1930

State rivals: Corinthians, Palmeiras, Santos

Stadium: Morumbi

Mascot: Saint Paul

Major achievements: 3 Intercontinental/Club World Cup (1992, 1993, 2005), 3 Copa Libertadores (1992, 1993, 2005), 6 Brazilian Leagues (1977, 1986, 1991, 2006, 2007, 2008), 1 Supercopa Libertadores (1993)

State League titles: 21 (Against Corinthians' 30, Palmeiras' 23, Santos' 22)

São Paulo FC, the biggest Brazilian club
São Paulo seems to be the only team in Brazil that has all the major ingredients that make a team, the biggest: lots of international and domestic titles, big fanbase, big stadium, big idols and historical teams. Clubs like Santos or Flamengo come close, but lack one or other ingredient - that's why São Paulo, the only 3x Club World champion and the youngest of the Big12, is considered the biggest club in Brazil!
Brazilian Club International titles Domestic titles Total
São Paulo 12 6 18
Santos 8 9 17
Flamengo 5 12 17
Palmeiras 3 14 17
Cruzeiro 7 10 17
Corinthians 4 11 15
Grêmio 6 8 14
Not only São Paulo leads the title rank, but also the runner-up rank, as you can see below:
Brazilian Club International runner-ups Domestic runner-ups Total
São Paulo 8 8 16
Cruzeiro 9 7 16
Palmeiras 6 5 11
Santos 2 9 11
Internacional 2 8 10
Grêmio 6 4 10
In the entire South America, São Paulo is only behind Boca Juniors and Independiente in international trophies:
South American club Intercontinental/Club World Cup Copa Libertadores Others Total
Boca Juniors 3 6 9 18
Independiente 2 7 5 14
São Paulo 3 3 6 12
River Plate 1 4 5 10
However, you have to consider that in Argentina there are only 5-7 big clubs (Boca, River, Independiente, San Lorenzo, Racing, Estudiantes, Vélez), while in Brazil there are at least 12, making things more difficult to São Paulo.
São Paulo is also the only Brazilian club to win 3x the Intercontinental/Club World Cup, which is considered their biggest feat:
Event Match Goals
Intercontinental Cup 1992 São Paulo 2-1 Barcelona Raí (2x), Stoichkov
Intercontinental Cup 1993 São Paulo 3-2 Milan Palhinha, Cerezo, Müller, Massaro, Papin
Club World Cup 2005 São Paulo 1-0 Liverpool Mineiro
The beginnings
São Paulo was founded in 1930, and accepted people from any origin, social class or ethnicity since their early days. They won their first trophy in 1931, a State League title, led by Friedenreich - who scored 103 goals in 5 years at the club. After a few fusions with other clubs, the team would begin to really shine in the 1940s.
The 1940s: five State League titles
Due to Brazil's huge size and weak infrastructure, there wasn't a National League until 1959 - until then and even afterwards, the State Leagues were the main tournaments.
In the 1940s, São Paulo won 5 of them. At this time, the club also received the nickname "The Dearest Team", because they dared to bring and show a huge São Paulo State Flag in the inauguration of the Pacaembu stadium, in front of 70.000 spectators, including the hated Brazilian dictator Getúlio Vargas.
Leonidas da Silva
The first big idol of the club was Leonidas, present in the 5 State League titles in the 1940s. The Black Diamond had played in two World Cups (1934, 1938) and joined the club in 1942. He scored 140 goals in 212 matches, and retired from football in this same club, in 1950.
It was in this decade that São Paulo gained the respect of the best teams of the city, Palmeiras and Corinthians, who already had 10 State League titles on their account.
In 1943, during a State League draw, a Corinthians' director said that the draw was unnecessary: he flipped a coin and said that if it falls head Palmeiras will be champions, if it falls tail it will be Corinthians. After being questioned about São Paulo, he replied, laughing: "if the coin stands, it will be São Paulo, if it stops in the air, it will be Portuguesa". São Paulo were the champions, and had a huge coin standing on their car during the celebrations at night.
The Steamroller dominated the decade, got the respect of Corinthians and Palmeiras and were now considered a rival. These 3 teams received the nickname of Iron Trio from the media.
1950s-1970: construction of Morumbi, the biggest private stadium in the world
The club destined all their money in the 1950s to the construction of their stadium Morumbi, which would be the biggest private stadium in the world. Without funds to build a strong team, they only won two State Leagues in this period (1953, 1957), with the legendary Hungarian coach Béla Guttmann commanding them in the 1957 title, with 1950 World Cup Golden Ball winner Zizinho on their side.
While São Paulo built their stadium, a young kid named Pelé arrived at Santos, and gave no chance to them, or to the Iron Trio teams in the 1960s.
1970s: back in the game
In this decade, São Paulo won their first Brazilian League title in 1977, and also 3 State Leagues (1970, 1971, 1975), besides one Copa Libertadores runner-up (1974), and one Brazilian League runner-up (1973).
Curiously enough, the 1977 São Paulo wasn't a great team, and nobody bet on them to become Brazilian champions. They beat Atlético Mineiro in the final, on the penalties, after two 0-0 ties. São Paulo missed their first two penalties, but managed to overcome Atlético, who sent three shots away. No São Paulo player was elected to the League's Best XI.
The São Paulo players who stood out in this decade were: Gérson, World Cup champion in 1970, Pedro Rocha, elected to the League's Best XI in 1973, Mirandinha, elected to the League's Best XI in 1973 and called to the 1974 World Cup, Waldir Peres, excellent goalkeeper who won the League Golden Ball in 1975 and played in 3 World Cups (1974, 1978, 1982), Chicão, centre-back who played 312 matches for São Paulo in the 1970s and got called to the 1978 World Cup, and Serginho Chulapa, the club's greatest topscorer, who scored 242 goals in 399 matches for São Paulo between 1973-1982, and played in the 1982 World Cup as a starter, after Careca's injury.
1980s: State dominance
In the 1980s, São Paulo watched their rivals Palmeiras and Santos struggle, as they took home 5 State League titles (1980, 1981, 1985, 1987, 1989).
But it was in the 1986 Brazilian League that São Paulo proved their worth. Led by Careca, they ended the 1st stage undefeated (7W-3D). On the second stage, they kept the good shape, with only 2 defeats in 16 matches, and with 3 wins scoring 5 goals or more.
On the knock-out stage, São Paulo first met Inter de Limeira in the ro16, the current São Paulo State League champions. São Paulo lost the 1st leg 1-2, but gave a 3-0 back in the return leg, with Careca scoring once on each match.
In the quarter-finals, they would play Fluminense, and lost the 1st leg 0-1. In the 2nd leg, Careca opened the score at '67 with this crazy goal, and Müller scored the second ten minutes later.
In the semi-finals, they would face América, a traditional team from Rio de Janeiro, that was big in the old days. América's goalkeeper worked hard, but at '80, Careca finally scored with this shot. In the return leg, Careca scored this genius lob goal from inside the box. The team held América's pressure, and left with a 1-1 tie and the spot in the big final.
The big final would be against Guarani. In the 1st leg at the Morumbi, the topscorers of the tournament, Evair and Careca, scored once each, and the match ended 1-1. The 2nd leg was one of the craziest Brazilian League finals. It ended 1-1 with two own goals, and went to extratime. São Paulo did 2-1 with Pita at '91, but Guarani tied at '97 and scored the 3-2 at '110, with this goal of guts. São Paulo needed a goal in 10 minutes, and at '119, Careca scored to tie the match 3-3 and become the league topscorer. On the penalties, Careca missed São Paulo's first shot, but so did Guarani. São Paulo would score all their 4 other penalties, while Guarani's João Paulo sent it away, so that São Paulo were crowned Brazilian League champions for the 2nd time.
São Paulo had 6 players elected to the League's Best XI: Gilmar, Dario Pereyra, Nelsinho, Bernardo, Pita, and the Golden Ball and league topscorer with 25 goals, Careca.
Also in 1986, São Paulo had 5 players called to the 1986 World Cup, notably the starters Müller and Careca, as well as Oscar, Falcão and Silas. They lost on the penalties to France in the quarter-finals.
1991-1994: Telê Santana Era, the team that dominated the world
Johan Cruyff said, after his Barcelona lost to São Paulo in the 1992 Intercontinental Cup: "if you are to be run over, better be by a Ferrari".
This São Paulo superteam dominated Brazil, South America and the World in these years. They won 2 Intercontinental Cups, 2 Copa Libertadores, 1 Brazilian League, 1 State League, 2 Recopa, 1 Supercopa Libertadores and 1 Copa Conmebol, not to mention the Tereza Herrera (4-1 against Barcelona) and the Ramón de Carranza (4-0 against Real Madrid) in Spain.
Everything started in 1990, with the arrival of Telê Santana, the celebrated Brazil 1982 coach. With him, São Paulo finished 2nd in the Brazilian League, losing to their rival Corinthians on the final.
In 1991, São Paulo began the season in great fashion, winning the Brazilian League by June, with a 67% rate. They led the first stage, then knocked Atlético Mineiro out in the semis after two ties (1-1, 0-0), before beating Bragantino in the final (1-0 and 0-0), with this goal from Tilico on the 1st leg. São Paulo were crowned Brazilian League champions for the 3rd time. Two São Paulo players were elected to the League Best XI: Ricardo Rocha and Leonardo.
On December 1991, São Paulo had their revenge against Corinthians in the State League final: in front of 102.000 spectators at the Morumbi, Raí scored a hat-trick and ended the conversation. 3-0 to São Paulo on the first leg, and a 0-0 tie in the second leg to secure the State League title against Corinthians.
1992: the first Copa Libertadores and Club World titles
In this season, São Paulo won the Copa Libertadores on the first semester, then the Intercontinental Cup and the State League titles on the second.
At the beginning, the coach Telê used the reserves in the Copa Libertadores, considering it a way too disloyal competition. But after a 0-3 defeat and with the pressure from the board to take it seriously, he changed his strategy and qualified from the group stage on the 2nd place, with 3W-2D-1L, behind Criciúma.
São Paulo passed through Nacional (Uruguay) in the ro16 without much problems and 2 wins (1-0, 2-0).
In the quarter-finals, São Paulo suffered, but beat Criciúma 1-0 at home with this goal from Macedo. In the 2nd leg, Criciúma opened the score at '10, but Palhinha tied with this great goal at '55, qualifying his team to the semis.
In the semis against Barcelona (Ecuador), São Paulo smashed them 3-0 at home, with another great goal from Palhinha. In the 2nd leg in Ecuador, São Paulo goalkeeper Zetti performed this huge mistake as Barcelona scored 2-0 at '87, but it was too late and São Paulo qualified to the final.
In the big final against Newell's Old Boys (Argentina), São Paulo lost the 1st leg in Argentina, 0-1. At home, with a crowd of 105.000 at the Morumbi, Raí scored 1-0 from a penalty at '65. The match ended and went to the penalties. The Argentines hit the post on their first shot, but São Paulo lost their third one. The Argentines missed their 4th shot, while Cafu scored. Zetti saved Newell's 5th shot - and São Paulo were crowned South American champions for the first time.
Palhinha was the Copa Libertadores topscorer with 7 goals. This title qualified São Paulo to the Intercontinental Cup, to play against European champions Barcelona in December.
São Paulo 2-1 Barcelona: the 1992 Intercontinental Cup title
In August, São Paulo had already beaten Barça 4-1 for the Tereza Herrera Trophy (5mn video), with Müller scoring this nice goal. Four months later, they would meet in Tokyo for the Intercontinental Cup trophy.
Bulgarian Stoichkov opened the score at '12 with this amazing goal. São Paulo, led by Raí, quickly dominated the match and tied at '27: Müller did a great Cruyffesque turn and assisted Raí to score. Minutes later, Müller almost scored this great lob goal. In the second half, Barcelona almost scored again, but Ronaldão saved on the line. At '78, Raí scored from this no-chance free-kick on the GK side to overcome the score to 2-1 in São Paulo's favor. Not much else was done, the match ended, and São Paulo were crowned for the first time Club World champions.
Raí, who scored a brace, was elected Man of the Match.
São Paulo - 2 1 - Barcelona
1. Zetti 1. Zubizarreta
2. Vítor 2. Ferrer
4. Ronaldão 4. Koeman
3. Adilson 3. Guardiola
6. Ronaldo Luís 5. Sacristán
5. Pintado 6. Bakero (Goikoetxea)
8. Toninho Cerezo (Dinho) 7. Amor
10. Raí 10. Witschge
11. Cafu 11. Beigiristain (Nadal)
7. Müller 8. Stoichkov
9. Palhinha 9. Laudrup
Telê Santana Johan Cruyff
One week after the title, on the 20th December, São Paulo played the 2nd leg of the São Paulo State League final, against rivals Palmeiras. São Paulo had won the 1st leg 4-2, with a hat-trick by Raí and this great goal by Cafu. In the 2nd and final leg, in front of 111.000 spectators, São Paulo won 2-1, with goals by Müller and Cerezo, to secure their 18th State League title and tie with Palmeiras in the State League title ranking.
São Paulo played 84 matches in 1992, with 45W-21D-18L (66% rate) and 133 goals scored. Raí was the topscorer with 31 goals, folllowed by Palhinha (25) and Müller (24).
1993: International Quadruple Crown, São Paulo dominates the World again
São Paulo started the season playing the São Paulo State League. However, the 1990s was a Golden Era of Brazilian football, and the State League was dominated by a rich Palmeiras sponsored by Parmalat, with Roberto Carlos, César Sampaio, Edílson, Zinho and Edmundo - so that São Paulo finished 3rd.
São Paulo were focused in the 1993 Copa Libertadores, which they entered in the ro16, as returning champions. At first they had a 1992 rematch against Newell's Old Boys (Argentina): they lost 0-2 in Argentina, but stomped them 4-0 at home in the 2nd leg (3mn29 video).
In the quarter-finals, they met Flamengo. Palhinha scored this beautiful lob goal at the Maracanã, in the 1st leg that ended 1-1. At home, Dinho almost scored from this crazy free-kick, but Müller didn't forgive and scored this nice goal at '24. Right-back Vitor saved São Paulo with the goal empty moments later, and then he assisted Cafu to score the second and qualifying goal at '68.
In the semis, São Paulo sent Cerro Porteño (Paraguay) home, after a 1-0 victory at home and a 0-0 tie away. In the 2nd leg, after a corner kick by Arce, Ronaldo Luís saved São Paulo on the goal line.
In the big final, São Paulo destroyed Universidad Católica (Chile). In the 1st leg at home, they were leading 5-0 at '70, before the Chileans scored their goal of honor at '85 - goals and highlights here (7mn13 video). In the 2nd leg in Chile, São Paulo lost 0-2, and were crowned back-to-back Copa Libertadores champions.
Raí left to French club PSG after the Libertadores title. In this first span (1987-93) at the club, he scored 111 goals in 306 matches, as a midfielder. He would come back later, from 1998 until 2000.
In September, São Paulo won their 2nd international trophy of the year - the Recopa Sudamericana, against Cruzeiro (0-0, 0-0, p.k. 4-2).
In November, São Paulo won their 3rd international trophy of the year - the Supercopa Libertadores, which gathered all the 16 Libertadores champions in history. After beating Independiente (Argentina) (2-0, 1-1), Grêmio (2-2, 1-0), Atlético Nacional (Colombia) (1-0, 1-2, p.k. 5-4) and Flamengo (2-2, 2-2, p.k. 5-3) in the final, they only needed a win in the Intercontinental Cup against the AC Milan of Fabio Capello to claim the unique International Quadruple Crown.
São Paulo 3-2 Milan: the 1993 Intercontinental Cup back-to-back title
The early 1990s Milan was legendary - Gli Invicibili (The Invincibles) that won the 1991/92 Serie A unbeaten, reaching a 58-match run with no defeats. Baresi, Costacurta and Maldini, one of the strongest defences in football history, also Desailly and Donadoni in midfield, plus Massaro and Jean-Pierre Papin in attack. This Milan had 5 starters of the 1994 WC final against Brazil - São Paulo had none, actually only 5 bench players (Zetti, Ronaldão, Leonardo, Müller, and Cafu - who was subbed in during the final).
This 1993/94 Milan only conceded 25 goals in 54 matches, but São Paulo somehow found a way to score 3 against them.
Milan started the match better, with this crazy shot from Massaro. But it was São Paulo who opened the score at '19 with Palhinha, after this cross from Cafu. Massaro tied at the beginning of the 2nd half, but Cerezo scored the second at '59 after a cross from Leonardo. Papin tied it 2-2 at '81 from a header. But 7 minutes later at '88, this funny back/knee goal happened, scored by Müller. São Paulo held the pressure, the match ended and the World belong to São Paulo once again, for the second year in a row.
Toninho Cerezo was elected Man of the Match. With this title, São Paulo joined Pelé's Santos record of winning two back-to-back Copa Libertadores and Club World titles - they are the only South American teams to have done so until today, and probably, forever.
São Paulo - 3 2 - Milan
1. Zetti 1. Rossi
2. Cafu 2. Panucci
4. Ronaldão 6. Baresi
3. Válber 4. Costacurta
6. André Luiz 3. Maldini
5. Dinho 8. Desailly
8. Doriva 5. Albertini (Tassotti)
11. Toninho Cerezo 7. Donadoni
10. Leonardo 11. Massaro
9. Palhinha (Juninho Paulista) 10. Papin
7. Müller 9. Raducioiu (Orlando)
Telê Santana Fabio Capello
With this title, São Paulo won the International Quadruple Crown, and is the only team in the South American history to have achieved it.
Date International Trophy Adversary
May 26th 1993 Copa Libertadores Universidad Católica (Chile)
September 29th 1993 Recopa Sudamericana Cruzeiro
November 24th 1993 Supercopa Libertadores Flamengo
December 12th 1993 Intercontinental Cup Milan (Italy)
In 1993, São Paulo played 98 matches, with 46W-30D-22L (62% rate), scoring 163 goals. Palhinha and Raí were the topscorers with 22 goals each, followed by Cafu (20) and Müller (15).
Player Period Apps Goals Brazil NT Caps Goals World Cup att.
Zetti 1990-97 432 - 17 - 1 (1994)
Cafu 1990-94 273 38 150 5 4 (1994, 1998, 2002, 2006)
Valber 1992-97 159 5 12 - -
Ronaldão 1986-93 300 3 14 3 1 (1994)
Ronaldo Luís 1992-95 109 2 - - -
André Luiz 1993-96 90 9 12 1 -
Pintado 1992-93 116 2 - - -
Doriva 1991-94 81 1 14 - 1 (1998)
Dinho 1992-93 113 12 1 - -
Toninho Cerezo 1992-93 72 7 73 5 2 (1978, 1980)
Raí 1987-93, 98-2000 393 128 49 17 1 (1994)
Leonardo 1990-91, 93-94, 2001 112 17 60 7 2 (1994, 1998)
Müller 1984-88, 90-94, 1996 191 110 59 12 3 (1986, 1990, 1994)
Palhinha 1992-95 229 71 16 5 -
Juninho Paulista 1993-95 141 22 50 5 1 (2002)
1994-95: the end of the Telê Era
Before Telê started to get sick in 1995, he had time to collect the 1994 Recopa Sudamericana and the 1994 Copa Conmebol - the latter with the reserve team, called Little Express, with upcoming talents such as Rogério Ceni, Juninho Paulista, and Denílson, who even beat the traditional Peñarol (Uruguay) 6-1 in the final - the largest score in a South American final ever.
He also reached the 1994 Copa Libertadores final, but lost it on the penalties to Vélez Sarsfield (Argentina) (0-1, 1-0, p.k. 3-5).
Telê passed away in 2006, at the age of 74, and is considered the best Brazilian coach in history. He inspired a series of world class coaches, namely Marcelo Bielsa, Arrigo Sachi and Pep Guardiola - notably with his Brazil 1982 and São Paulo 90-94 sides.
1996-2004: Rebuilding times, the club that almost wins
In this period, São Paulo was known for building good teams and revealing great players, but without collecting trophies. They only won 2 State Leagues (1998, 2000), 1 Rio-São Paulo Tournament (2001), and an irrelevant Copa Master da Conmebol (1996).
On the other hand, they finished 2nd in three State Leagues (1996, 1997, 2003), two Rio-São Paulo (1998, 2002), 1 Copa dos Campeões (2001), 1 Supercopa Libertadores (1997) and one traumatic Copa do Brasil (2000), losing the title in the last 10 minutes. They also reached 1 Copa Libertadores semi-final (2004), 1 Copa Sudamericana semi-final (2003) and finished 3rd in two Brazilian Leagues (2003, 2004). Meanwhile, their rivals Corinthians and Palmeiras were collecting trophy after trophy, while Santos started to reemerge to big titles.
The highlights of this period were the return of Raí in 1998 and his performance (7mn video) against Corinthians in the State League final, the performances of Rogério Ceni, Belletti, França, Dodô, Marcelinho Paraíba and Luís Fabiano, and the revelations of Denílson, Julio Baptista and Kaká. Three of them even represented São Paulo at the 2002 World Cup title (Rogério Ceni, Belletti, Kaká), as well as Edmilson and Denilson, who lived this period at the club and were now in Europe. But the trophies weren't coming.
Kaká, notably, appeared in 2001 in the Rio-São Paulo Tournament final. He entered the match at 0-1, and scored two goals in two minutes, thus taking the title home. He performed well in the 2001 Brazilian League, but was knocked out in the quarter-finals.
After the 2002 World Cup title in June, Kaká returned to São Paulo and tore the Brazilian League apart with Luis Fabiano, winning the Golden Ball Award. However, the title didn't come again, as they lost in the quarter-finals (1-3, 1-2) to the uprising young talents of Santos' Diego and Robinho. The São Paulo supporters were extremely angry at Kaká, calling him a popcorn maker (meaning choker in Brazil), and demanded his exit, notably after another defeat in the 2003 State League final (2-3, 2-3) to rivals Corinthians. Kaká then left the club in 2003 to join Milan. He played 131 matches and scored 48 goals for São Paulo, in this period (2001-2003).
Player Period Apps Goals Brazil NT Caps Goals World Cup att.
Rogério Ceni 1990-2015 1237 131 18 - 2 (2002, 2006)
Edmilson 1994-00 256 1 40 1 1 (2002)
Belletti 1996-02 200 16 51 1 1 (2002)
França 1996-02 327 182 8 1 -
Dodô 1995-99 169 93 5 2 -
Marcelinho Paraíba 1997-00, 2010-11 201 50 6 1 -
Denilson 1994-98 191 26 61 8 2 (1998, 2002)
Kaká 2001-03, 2014 155 51 95 31 3 (2002, 2006, 2010)
Luís Fabiano 2001-04, 2011-15 347 213 45 28 1 (2010)
2005, Libertadores, Club World Cup and Rogério Ceni - the myth, the legend, the 1
Before 2005, Rogério Ceni was considered just a good goalkeeper - after that, he became a club idol and started de facto his legacy. Ceni arrived at the club in 1990, at the age of 17. He got promoted to Telê's main team in 1992, after the death of third goalkeeper Alexandre, and collected some important titles under him, as reserve. He started playing in 1997, for both São Paulo and Brazil NT - his known antipathy however didn't help him for Brazil, specially with so many talents around with more empathy, like Taffarel and Marcos, or with more skills, like Dida. He developed himself as a world class free-kick taker - and that, somehow, worked against him when people analyzed his goalkeeping abilities.
Rogério Ceni is the goalkeeper with the most goals scored in history, with 131 goals in 1237 matches for São Paulo - 69 from penalties, 61 from free-kicks. In 2005, he notably scored 21 goals in 75 matches, being the team's topscorer of the season.
The team started the 2005 season with some good players from 2004: Cicinho, Fabão, Lugano, Josué, Danilo, Tardelli and Grafite. With the arrival of Júnior, Mineiro, Amoroso and Luizão, the team was ready to dominate South America and the world for the third time.
They started winning the São Paulo State League, led by the coach Émerson Leão, main responsible for building the team, since his arrival on September 2004. He would then leave to Japan, being subbed by Paulo Autuori.
In the Copa Libertadores group stage, São Paulo ended 1st, with 3W at home and 3D away, against The Strongest (Bolivia) (3-3, 3-0), Universidad de Chile (Chile) (4-2, 1-1) and Quilmes (Argentina) (2-2, 3-1). Highlights to this free-kick goal by Rogério Ceni against Universidad.
In the ro16, São Paulo met their city rivals Palmeiras, and won the 1st leg 1-0 away with this great goal by Cicinho. In the 2nd leg at home, Rogério Ceni and Cicinho scored at '81 and '89 to beat Palmeiras 2-0.
In the quarter-finals, Tigres (Mexico) lost 0-4 to São Paulo in the 1st leg - Ceni opened the score with this great free-kick and also scored the third from another free-kick. In Mexico, they lost 1-2, but qualified anyway.
River Plate (Argentina) would be their adversary in the semis. At home, São Paulo hit the post twice, and won by 2-0, with goals from Danilo at '76 and Rogério Ceni, from this penalty at '89. In Argentina, São Paulo won 3-2, without much problems.
In the big final, São Paulo met Athletico Paranaense, and tied 1-1 in the 1st leg (away), with this funny own goal when they were losing 0-1. In the 2nd leg at home, São Paulo won 4-0: first with Amoroso at '16. Athletico then missed a penalty, and São Paulo scored the 2nd at '52 with Fabão. Luizão scored the 3rd and Tardelli the 4th. São Paulo were for the 3rd time, the Copa Libertadores champions, and the first Brazilian team to achieve it.
Ceni and Luizão were the topscorers of the team, with 5 goals each. This title qualified them to the 2005 Club World Cup.
2005 Club World Cup: São Paulo 1-0 Liverpool, 3x Club World champions
In Japan for their 3rd time, São Paulo first beat Al-Ittihad (Saudi Arabia) 3-2 in the semis, so they could face European champions Liverpool in the final.
The English team hadn't conceded a goal in 10 matches, and went full-attack on São Paulo, who defended themselves. But at '27, Mineiro scored the only goal of the match after a chipping from Aloisio. São Paulo defended as they could, with great help from Ceni, who performed the save of the year after Gerrard's free-kick at '51. The match ended at '93, and São Paulo were crowned Club World champions for the third time.
Ceni was elected Man of the Match and Golden Ball of the Cup.
São Paulo - 1 0 - Liverpool
1. Rogério Ceni 12. Pepe Reina
5. Lugano 3. Finnan
3. Fabão 4. Hyypiä
4. Edcarlos 23. Carragher
2. Cicinho 2. Warnock (Riise)
6. Júnior 22. Sissoko (Pongolle)
7. Mineiro 8. Gerrard
8. Josué 14. Xabi Alonso
10. Danilo 7. Kewell
14. Aloísio (Grafite) 10. Luis Garcia
11. Amoroso 19. Morientes (Crouch)
Paulo Autuori Rafael Benítez
2006-08: the Brazilian Sovereign
In 2006, São Paulo reached once again the Copa Libertadores final, but lost to Internacional (1-2, 2-2).
The team then focused on the Brazilian League, which they would win three consecutive times. Led by coach Muricy Ramalho, they would play defensive football (3-5-2) and show great regularity - though always getting eliminated in knock-out competitions. With these 3 titles, they reached a total of 6 league titles in their history.
In these 3 league titles, São Paulo played 114 matches, with 66 wins and only 16 defeats (overall rate of 67%), conceding only 87 goals.
11 São Paulo players were elected to the League's Best XI in this period: Ceni, Ilsinho, Fabão, Mineiro and Aloísio (2006), Ceni, Breno, Richarlyson, Hernanes (2007), Ceni, André Dias, Miranda, Hernanes and Borges (2008). Highlights to Hernanes, great São Paulo revelation, who later shone in Europe.
Player Period Apps Goals Brazil NT Caps Goals World Cup att.
Cicinho 2004-05, 2010 151 21 15 1 1 (2006)
Lugano (Uruguay) 2003-06, 2016-17 213 13 95 10 2 (2010, 2014)
Júnior 2004-08 198 11 22 1 1 (2002)
Mineiro 2005-07 138 7 25 -
Josué 2005-07 158 7 28 1 1 (2010)
Danilo 2004-06 194 37 - - -
Grafite 2004-06 75 27 4 1 1 (2010)
Amoroso 2005 26 18 20 10 -
Luizão 2005 28 11 17 3 1 (2002)
Aloísio 2005-08 124 23 - - -
Miranda 2006-11 260 10 58 3 1 (2018)
Richarlyson 2005-10 147 6 2 - -
Hernanes 2005-10, 2017, 2019- 297 49 27 2 1 (2014)
The São Paulo that brought fear to their adversaries disappeared in this period, collecting only one Copa Sudamericana in 2012. They managed however to reach two Copa Libertadores semi-finals (2010, 2016), two Copa do Brasil semi-finals (2012, 2015) and one 2nd place in the Brazilian League (2014). They also revealed Casemiro and Lucas Moura, among others.
São Paulo is one of the 3 Brazilian clubs to never be relegated.
To this day, São Paulo has the 3rd largest fanbase in Brazil, with 17 million supporters, and a stadium attendance average of 27.400, as of 2019.
If you have any questions about Brazilian football, feel free to join us at futebol, where you'll be very welcomed!
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2020.10.06 15:38 Mike2994 [WTS] 1965 Md.63 kit, Romanian 16” barrel, Bulgarian Underfolding stock $30-$385 [OH]

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Trench art examples
Grip with puncture BFPU damage
Experimental Russian 1987 Bayonet – This one has seen some use. It is worn, scuffed up, has 405 carved in one side of the scabbard. Hanger is thick black/gray leather that is unique itself, I have not seen another like it. - $800
HN – 2x NOS Hungarian Blonde AK63F furniture sets 4 piece set with correct hourglass trunnion to convert the 63D kits to fixed stock. These do not have the sling swivel. Full disclosure, the rear trunnions may be Romanian. They look have slightly different angles than the other Hungarian hourglass trunnions I have had. Either way, they will still be correct for conversion. - $250
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Pairedwith Numrich stub
13x M92 Slings All NOS,look brand new. No markings - ALL SOLD
East German T3 carrier – Recently rescued T3 carrier and Piston with several excellent proofs. Full disclosure carrier at some point was partially demilled and repaired. There repair was not completed inside the bolt stem channel. There is a hole that was not filled, and the channel has a small ridge that needs to be reamed out to allow a bolt to travel freely. I have no price basis for this as EG parts seem to be nearing hens teeth status for all makes, let alone Milled variants. Asking $200 for this as I believe it would command a much higher price if work to complete was not needed.
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S7. 4x Chinese 2 leather tab slings, various shades of green, 1x with NCStar Made in China Tag, Bottom two have 1x torn leather strap each - $10 each
S8. 2x spring Chinese SKS slings - $8 each 1x SOLD
S9. 3x NOS narrow Chinese AK/SKS 2x leather strap slings, all NOS with minor age stains, complete with keepers, no stamps. - $30 each
S10. 4x Chinese dark OD Type 95 double hook slings - $35 each
S11. 4x clear red stamp double spring SKS/T56 narrow slings - $18 each - ALL SOLD
S12. 4x New Chinese single hook sling – OD with bright pink stamps - $45 each - ALL SOLD
S13. 2x Dual-tube Chinese oiler - $18 each
S14. 4x Chinese Black Type 95 double hook slings - $35 each
S15. 10x NOS Polish T2 slings with leather tab - Immaculate condition - $40 each
S16. 3x Polish T1 slings, factory green metal pieces, Lower one has stamps on leather - $60 each - 2x SOLD
AK Parts – Left to right, Top to Bottom
P1. Railed Maadi RPM receiver cover. this one seems short. Fit, but barely on my RPM, Paid $80 for it, priced at $40 as it may not fit.
P2. Railed Maadi RPM receiver cover, NOS, with scope rings - $75
P3. Bulgarian or Russian AK74 recoil rod - $50
P4. East German AKM recoil rod - $50
P5. Romanian RPK bipod - $50
P6. Romanian RPK RSB w/ sight leaf (Sight leaf missing adjustable sight wing) - $35
P7. Romanian RPK cleaning rod ring - $25
P8. Romanian RPK handguard retainer – $30
P9. Yugo RPK Handguard Retainer - $15
P10. AKM (Believe East German) HGR - $30
P11.2x Rear sight leafs; (D) marked 800m. (A) marked, orange-1000m missing elevation adjustment drum. (A) marked = $25, (D) marked = $35
P12. M64 FSB, missing night flip sight - $30
P13 Bulgarian AK74/AK103 FSB (Missing brake pin, spring, and post - $90
P14. Yugo M70AB2 Cleaning rod - $10
P15. 2x New US made AK74 gas pistons Sell for $34 + shipping - $25 each
P16. New US made Galil gas piston Sells for $34 + shipping - $25 - SOLD
P17. 3x New US made AKM pistons, Sell for $34 + shipping - $25 each
P18. 3x rare, virgin VEPR 12 railed gas blocks - original from Molot Factory, correct to convert stock gas block back to factory OG from Russia, Last of my stock, CANNOT get more - $250 each
P19. Yugo M92 virgin trigger guard - $20
P20. Bottom half, Polish original AKMSL rail, seen better days. Has one pin - $40
P21. 2x Milled pistol grip nut, ugly demil, should build fine - $5 each
P22. California Mag change limiter – Free add-on to any order
Miscellaneous AK related
M1. Polish BFPU mag pouch - $20 - SOLD
M2. East German Uniform dress belt - $10
M3. California “Bullet Button” AK mag release block - $5
M4. 7x US made Mag plates - $5 each
M5. 5x short US made AKM mag followers - $3 each
M6. 6x long US made black mag followers - $3 each
M7. Orange AK74 mage follower, US made - $3
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2020.10.02 18:50 shibagast [SELL][US>US][Perfume/Bath/Body] Arcana, BPAL, CP, D&F, LBE, Luvmilk, S92, SS - updated with S92 Falloween samples!

[SELL][US>US][Perfume/Bath/Body/Home] Arcana, Astrid, CP, D&F, Hex, LBE, Luvmilk, NCD, Poesie, S92, SS - tons of samples!
Everything has been tested cleanly and are full unless otherwise specified. Smoke free home with dogs/cats who are not allowed in the bedroom.
Shipping is $5 anywhere in the US (larger oils/bath/body will increase price - please ask for quote!). Hands are always washed before handling! I recycle packaging. (:
I accept PAYPAL - Goods+Services/Protect this Purchase only, please! (I pay all fees.) No eChecks. Please pay within 24 hours! If there is no communication after the time period, items are considered forfeit. I typically ship orders next business day!
I will consider any and all reasonable offers!
An easier to read spreadsheet is here. (If anything is missing from this post, the sheet is the most updated.) If you have access, I have feedback on the BPAL forum.
  • Austri: Peach, creme brulee, rain on green leaves, caramelized milk, clover, bergamot, China musk, and basil. - $17
  • Blueberries Crave Sunshine: Lemonade, watermelon, lime zest, golden gardenia, pearl musk, tiny blueberries, Black Dragon tea leaf, and blood red cedar. - $17
  • Garnet Grapefruit: The simple scent of refreshing, citrusy red grapefruit. More of a literal interpretation than a perfumey scent. Layering note. - $18
  • Love (2017): A breathtaking vanilla accord is accompanied by fresh cream, sugarcane, soft musk, and a pinch of tea leaves. - $17
DEATH and FLORAL - selling for a friend! These items are in my possession and were used only on clean skin.
  • She poisoned the strawberries: Fresh picked strawberries, the musk of a scorned lover, cold sparkling champagne. - $16 (10 ml roller, swatched a few times)
  • I Killed The Teen Dream: Vanilla bean ice cream, pink spun sugar & marshmallow, white cake crumbs, candied citron, a cracked jawbreaker, duct tape, gunpowder - $12
  • Shadowboxer: Jasmine fleur, May rose, blond sandalwood, mango flower, praline. - $6 (1 cm below TOL)
  • The Book of the Beast: wet leaves, burned parchment, a roaring bonfire, inky night sky, a slice of leftover birthday cake - $12
  • This House Is Clean: Sweet ozone, Paperwhites, chrysanthemum, ambroxan, cracked porcelain, lace. - $5
  • Arcana Caramel: Rich toffee, sticky maple, sugar cane, and Tonka bean absolute. - $3 (1 ml decant)
  • Arcana Her Sky: A whoosh of cool air and fluffy white clouds with immortelle absolute, white amber, white musk, the beating of silken wings, the warmth from Her body, and a sliver of sheer pear. - $4 (1/3 sample)
  • Arcana Kijimuna: A zingy scent for the mischievous prankster wood sprites of Okinawa. Grapefruit, yuzu fruit, rice milk, rice wine, massoia bark, lemongrass, and banyan. - $4 (1/3 sample)
  • Arcana Leaves Falling Like Rain: A comforting base of brown sugar, caramel, gingersnaps, and cappuccino is sparked off with hints of vintage patchouli, hyssop, mullein, and white pepper. - $4 (1 ml decant)
  • Arcana Peaches Crave Black Sand: Yellow peaches with the richest amber resin, black coconut, coconut husks, and smoky vetiver. - $2 (0.5 ml decant)
  • Arcana Titania: Freshly baked vanilla cakes, sweet honeysuckle blossoms, and a soft, warm bed of summer grass. - $4 (1/3 sample)
  • Arcana Vanilla Craves Sugar Cookies: Warm sugar cookies are infused with three gourmand vanillas and a hint of vanilla musk. - $2 (0.5 ml decant)
  • Astrid Dreaming of November: High elevation lavender, apple orchard accord, apple cider, fallen leaves, pear, and chimney smoke. - $ (ajevie slink)
  • Astrid Dreaming of Softness: Bulgarian lavender, violets, violet leaf, and sugary salt water taffy. - $ (ajevie slink)
  • D+F It's All In Your Head: Sun-warmed Texas sunflowers in a bright field, luscious dark amber, vanilla and freshly baked bread. - $2 (Ajevie slink)
  • Hex Elemental: lush green cloverfields, dampened soil, petrichor, sunwarmed moss, wet pavement, ozone, rain-soaked thunderheads - $2 (1 ml decant)
  • Hex Lavender Macaron: confectioner's sugar, vanilla bean paste, finely milled almond meal, ground lavender buds. - $2 (ajevie slink)
  • Hex Pearanormal Activity: Bone-white amber, spectral musk, Comice pear, ozone. - $2 (ajevie slink)
  • Hex Wicker Man: Forest greenery, damp earth, wicker, smoke. - $2 (ajevie slink)
  • LBE Draught of Peace: Pear Ginseng Peach Blossom Amber Vanilla Musk - $3 (3 ml sample)
  • NCD Anthophilia: White tea rose, French lavender, cotton flower, Easter lily, pear blossom, the barest hint of ylang, and the vivid green of snipped stems. - $3 (ajevie slink)
  • NCD Blarney: Irish Breakfast Tea: the warm, tannic comfort of proper Cuppa sweetened just enough with a touch of honey and smoothed with cream. - $3 (ajevie slink)
  • NCD Daughter of the Dark Moon: Black coconut, nocturnal jasmine, tuberose, gardenia, white sandalwood, dried lavender, sheer cotton, and a trace of Tahitian vanilla. - $3 (ajevie slink)
  • NCD Favorite Sweater: White oak and blonde teakwood, copal resin, crushed coriander, lamb's wool accord, a touch of creamy chai, and a spritz of green mandarin. - $2 (Ajevie slink)
  • NCD Feast of Oya: Ozone and petrichor sharpen the edges of cardamom, green pepper, and sage, while black cherry and pipe tobacco sweeten the base. - $3 (ajevie slink)
  • NCD Roguery: Kouign Amann - a light and elegant puff pastry that takes the simplicity of buttered sugar rolls to the height of sophistication - $3 (ajevie slink)
  • NCD Selenophilia: Night-blooming jasmine, dewy gardenia, Mysore sandalwood, white amber, pearlescent musk, silver sage and a touch of frozen clove. - $3 (ajevie slink)
  • NCD Silver Fox: White tea with honey and rice milk, almond macaron, soft grey cashmere and cool woodland musk. - $2 (Ajevie slink)
  • Poesie Emmeline Pankhurst: Black tea swirled with vanilla cream, cold rain on stone, soft linen, cozy musk - $4 (ajevie slink)
  • S92 Bad Reputation: Rolling paper, cannabis, cherry cola, worn leather jacket, torn magazine pages - $3 (2 ml sample RIS)
  • S92 Cimetière du Père Lachaise: Faded lipstick, moss-covered brick, hazy morning fog, discarded petals, packed dirt, chestnut wood, distant chimney smoke - $4 (2 ml sample)
  • S92 Dead Man's Curve: Pipe tobacco, smooth cognac, ebony woods, oakmoss, warm clove, black wool, a rapier wit - $4 (sample)
  • S92 Habanera: Aldehydes, Guava, Bergamot Flower, Water Hyacinth, Sparkling Jasmine, Wild Clover. - $3 (2 ml sample)
  • S92 Hollywood Forever Cemetery: Glamorous satin and soft feather fringe, black fig, orris, tonka, bourbon on the rocks, smoked cardamom, cold marble - $4 (2 ml sample)
  • S92 Hydromancy: Fog, cold violet, lichen, ambroxan, mineral accord, petrichor, glass - $3 (2 ml sample)
  • S92 Just A Curse. Have A Nice Day!: Dusty tea leaves, ancient musks, inky patchouli, rare spices, a smattering of ritual incense - $4 (2 ml sample)
  • S92 Lafayette Cemetery No 1: White mandevilla, sooty dragon’s blood, wild datura, wrought iron gates, muddy clay, living moss, chicory root, bone dust, chalk - $4 (Premium sample - 2/3 full)
  • S92 Lolita: Crisp apple skins, tart peach candies, rose absolute, sugared violet - $3 (2 ml sample)
  • S92 Peachy F--king Keen: Peach preserves, white nectarine, black raspberry, syrupy benzoin, vanilla musk, rum - $3 (2 ml sample)
  • S92 Querida: Blood red roses, Ceylon cinnamon, smouldering resins, sensual golden amber, and an ethereal swirl of opium - $4 (sample)
  • S92 Serres d'Auteuil: Spring cherry blossom, pink pepper, Grasse rose, hothouse ferns, warm sun, sweet heliotrope - $3 (2 ml sample)
  • S92 Talia: Vanilla, moss, ivy, soft musk, stone - $3 (2 ml sample)
  • SS Blossom Jam Tea Cakes: Southern Tea Cakes, Petit Fours, Floral Infused Jams & Preserves and a Delicate Aroma of Tea. - $2 (sample)
  • SS Rose Custard Kulfi: Rosewater, saffron, cardamom, coconut vanilla custard, caramelized sugar, dates, pistachios, lime zest. - $2 (sample)
  • Cocoa Pink Coco Mango Body Butter in Myrtle's Plantation - $13 (4.75 oz BNNU)
  • Luvmilk Dusting Powder in Angel Blood - $15 (3 oz)
  • Sixteen92 Linen Spray in Harvest Moon - $11 (4 oz - 90% full?)
  • Sixteen92 Linen Spray in Winter Hearth - $7 (2 oz)
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2020.09.30 23:33 Pepress123 We're Still Here - A lockdown photography project

We're Still Here - A lockdown photography project
Hi,I'm fairly new to Reddit, and put this onto my Instagram account quite some time ago, so this little project could be considered a little old, but I hope people like it!
We're Still Here is a photo project that I completed just as some of Bristol's independent businesses started coming out of full lockdown, around the middle of June. I simply cycled around visiting an array of businesses from different neighbourhoods, catering for different people, capturing the owners and some words about how life was like for them at the time. Some of the businesses were well known to me (my local butchers, favourite Indian takeaway) where others were simply chosen as I thought 'I wonder what there story is?'.
I hope it may be of interest to some of you, and any feedback, positive or negative would be great. On reflection, I'd have loved to have asked questions that garnered unique perspectives and stories, and I realised there is an art to this, that I haven't quite mastered (in fact, this was pretty much the first time I've done anything like this!).

Tom from Reg the Veg in Clifton: “I’ve had the business since 2009, but the building has been a greengrocer, general store and even a butchers, many years ago. Lockdown has been challenging – we put ourselves online almost overnight as it wasn’t feasible to take so many orders over the phone. Things have calmed down a bit now, and it’s nice to see people coming back to Clifton’s independent shops.”
Dimitar from Bulgarian Food Market on Old Market: “We have a strong community of loyal customers from all over Bristol, which has really helped during lockdown. We faced difficulties at first in getting food shipments over from Bulgaria, and we also had to make adaptations to the shop quickly. Things have eased a bit now, so we’re fully stocked of all our usual fresh produce.”

Bayram from Kitchen of Anatolia in Castle Park: “Lockdown was tricky at first, but I’m really positive about the future, and I have plans to expand my business. I’d like to bring a real Turkish experience to the park – I’m looking at upgrading my food truck to a double decker bus, so the people of Bristol can enjoy Turkish tea and coffee on the top deck.”
Nilesh and Sujeet from Coronation Curry House in Southville: “We had to change a lot of things quickly, and we do really miss having customers in our restaurant. Having a small floorspace means we’ll have to reimagine our space for when we can have people inside, but for now it’s nice to be busy for takeaways and delivery.”
Chris, Lewis and Sam from Farrows Fish & Chips in Totterdown: “During the first days of lockdown we didn’t trade as we weren’t sure what to do, but we then began a food truck that served fish and chips to local streets on Fridays and Saturdays. These were really popular, and it was nice to see the strength of the local community. We’re now back in the shop and feel optimistic for the future.”
Amanda from Flowers & Co in Bedminster: “We began trading again in early May, and were very busy as we were one of the first florists to open their doors again. The cancellations of a lot of weddings have been a bit of a blow, but it’s nice to have the shop back up and running again.”
Brian from Kelvins in Bedminster: “Recently a customer kindly brought us a photo that showed our shop has been a butcher since 1890. It’s been tough since lockdown, and we have seen a drop in sales. We’ve got inventive with things like meat boxes and a meat raffle and are optimistic trade will pick up going forward.”
Josephine from C&T Licata & Son Ltd in Montpelier: “We’re a family business that has been in Montpelier for over 60 years. We’ve adjusted things in the shop to remain compliant, and we were incredibly busy at first, with customers struggling to get their staples in the big supermarkets. Things have eased a bit now, and it’s nice to see people out and about in Montpelier.”
Hannah from Big Bao in Broadmead: “This is my first shop since moving from Vietnam to Bristol. We’ve just installed a touch and go payment system for our customers, which really helps with retaining social distancing. Trade has definitely dropped, but we’re confident and optimistic for our business going forward.”
Sophie from Food by Sophie in St Nick’s Market: “The market isn’t at full capacity, but traders are slowly coming back which is nice to see. We’ve seen less trade, but it looks like things will pick up going forward. We still have regulars popping down for their lunch, which we’re really thankful for.”
Jey Jey from Avon News in Southville: “We only moved from London to Bristol this time last year, so haven’t had the shop long. We’ve actually been really busy since this all began, which has been good for us, but we know it has been tougher for others. Our shop is small which makes it tricky to move around, but we’ve made it work for us and our customers.”
Derek from Lion Stores in Southville: “The shop dates back to 1897, and used to be on East Street before it moved over to North Street. It’s been in our family since 1970, and we enjoy serving our community. Business has been mixed since lockdown, we’ve been busy when we’ve had stock, but on occasion things have been hard to source which has impacted things.”
Brett and Tom from Bakers & Co. on Gloucester Road: “We’ve had to get really creative and rethink what we do with the premises. We made and sold frozen meals, sold pantry goods and our now focusing our energy on our capabilities as a bakery. Times have definitely been hard, but we’re focusing on getting things right.”
David from El Colmado on Gloucester Road: “I’ve been here since 2012, and whilst food is not my background, it’s definitely been my passion. The shops had an online presence since the beginning, which helped when lockdown began. I’ve definitely been busy, and doing my own deliveries, but it’s been so nice to see the community come together in these times.”
Wayne from Cafe Conscious in Barton Hill: “We began six years ago, and have focused on making our café somewhere that uses free trade and organic produce, and also doubles as a community hub. We like to host youth workshops around music and art therapy, and really want our main purpose to be our social contribution. Business has definitely been challenging, but it’s nice to be open and sending out food to our customers.”
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2020.09.27 19:00 methodinmadness7 Suunto app route creation

I recently used the Suunto app to sketch my route through the mountains here in Bulgaria and I wanted to say how amazing this functionality is. The ability to select the starting and ending points and it just finds you your route automatically is amazing. Previously I used to do draw my routes with a lot of separate lines and save them as gpx, but this is miles better.
And I must say it shows even some not very popular paths in the Bulgarian mountains, which is impressive. On the map in the app you can also see places for rest and springs, although I’m not sure if all of them are up to date.
Edit: Thanks for the award!
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2020.09.27 00:31 ProSwegSnipar Bullying and humiliation

Hi guys! Im your average quiet/loneantisocial 15 year old! A year ago I started studying in Pleven, Bulgaria. Its a nice city, my brother is in the same school but we’re different shifts because our school has double shifts, but enough about that. A month before quarantine began 2 guys from the 10th grade (now 11th) started bullying me for my looks, because I had actual hair on my head unlike most Bulgarians I know that cut their hair completely because its ,,trending”... They called me, and still call me ,,Indian”. Whenever they see me they say: ,,Hi” like English ,,hi” not Bulgarian. They humiliate me in front of my crush, and give me a bad reputation, I haven’t told my brother because, I don’t want to annoy him, and because I deal with my problems myself. There are 3 of them, of course they’re friends, and only one of them doesn’t bully me, or call me names. The other 2 are the problem, one is completely bald, and looks ridiculous, and the other one has dreads me and one of my friends call him ,,Lil Shit” because he thinks he is Lil Pump. Not in front of him of course because that could end badly for him. I have trained kickboxing and karate, but I personally don’t want to start fights, I also have anger issues. Knowing I have anger issues, and I am getting called names by some poser, I really don’t know what to do. One side tells me to end this, and get in a fight with one of them, and end this. The other side tells me to just not give a fuck and wait for highschool to end. Aside from me having hair I don’t know what provoked them to start bullying me. I was just minding my own business, listening to music all day, because I was still dealing with a broken heart. That Lil Shit guy was trying to hook up with one of my best friends, I didn’t interfere, whenever I saw him coming I went to the other table so they can sit together, I was being respectful towards him but he still decided it was a good idea to pick on me. Also a fun fact about Lil Shit is that he never picks on me when he is alone, whenever he is with his friends thats when he does it, because obviously he is a pussy. I need your help, what should I do with him? I know things about him from my best friend. She told me he is a virgin, and is 17 btw, and he is also rly horny like really, really horny, Im talking about wanting to have sex on your first date. I know that there will be a time when we’ll get in a fight with him, like obviously I might get really angry and just snap, or he could take his bullying up a notch. Whatever happens I am ready. But for now, what do you think is best to do?
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2020.09.25 08:56 byozgunn Bulgarian Dating Sites

Bulgarian Dating Sites submitted by byozgunn to u/byozgunn [link] [comments]

2020.09.25 08:55 byozgunn Bulgarian Dating Sites

Bulgarian Dating Sites submitted by byozgunn to u/byozgunn [link] [comments]

2020.09.25 08:55 byozgunn Bulgarian Dating Sites

Bulgarian Dating Sites submitted by byozgunn to u/byozgunn [link] [comments]

2020.09.25 08:55 byozgunn Bulgarian Dating Sites

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2020.09.25 00:18 onlyavoice [SELL] [US to US] Massive Destash-NAVA, Moona, BPAL, TSS, Shiro, CP, S92 and more!

Sorry for the massive list, but hopefully you will find some goodies you've been looking for in there! Shipping is $4 for perfumes, HG/sprays I'll have to calculate. Three Shiro shadows at the end of the list. Full, tested lightly once or twice unless otherwise stated.

The Strange South:
Nightjar (Peach blossom, honeysuckle, sage, fern, tuberose, dragon's blood, clove, and smoked vanilla.) 10ml (just above top of label) $15 PENDING
Fox’s Wedding (Summer rain, orange blossom, sunflower, juniper berry, white tea, and ylang-ylang.) 5ml (leaked a bit, just below top of label) $6
Banshee’s Holler (Moonflower, wilted carnations, white musk, birch bark, and decaying leaves.) 5ml $7.50
BPAL: (HG will increase shipping)
Deuteronomy 10:18 (Hay absolute, patchouli, agarwood, and vetiver.) 5ml $26
Maraschino Cherry Buttercream Hair Gloss 1 oz Ajevie decant in glass bottle, a bit below shoulder (message for picture) $8
Hashigo-Nori Hair Gloss 1 oz Ajevie decant in glass bottle, a bit below shoulder (message for picture) $8
Luvmilk: (these products will probably increase shipping slightly)
Demon Wood Body Spray (A blend of Italian bergamot, mandarin, rose, and white tea leaves mixed with jasmine, heliotrope and sandalwood meet warm tobacco, caramel, and honey.) 1 oz (just below label) $3 SOLD
Baby Bat Body Spray (A spicy dash of clove, candied violets, marshmallow fluff, and earl grey tea.) 1 oz (just below label) $3 SOLD
Aurelia (Delicious ripe raspberries top this lovely, raspberry jam filled, white wedding cake, doused with vanilla cream, topped with dried red rose petals, and with a hint of Sandalwood ambered musk.) 5ml $12 PENDING
Buttered Rum Crème Brûlée (A rich, caramel crusted, custard dessert with a buttery Rum boozy twist! Mmmmmm!) 5ml $12 PENDING
Chypre (Green notes of Mandarin Leaf, Orange Blossom, and Bulgarian Rose. Middle notes of coriander and Bulgarian Rose. Deeper, darker warm notes of Bourbon Vanilla, Amber, Labdanum, Musk, Tonka Bean, Sandalwood and Vetiver.) 3ml $10
Aphrodite (Sandalwood, Cinnamon, Cypress and more. Spicy and woodsy. Represents "The Maiden", love, passion, Venus, growth and longevity.) 3ml $10
Bastet’s Ice Cream: Cardamom and Tahitian Vanilla Crème (Tahitian Vanilla Bean Absolute, Honduran Cardamom essential oil and pods, Vanilla Crystalline Cream, Butter accord, Caramel Accord, aged Tahitian Vanilla Bean whole) Ajevie Partial, 3ml in original 5ml bottle (message for picture) $10 PENDING
Kashmir (Deep blood red musk. A scent that is both animalistic and ethereal once it blends into the chemistry of your skin. This perfume is a viscous deep blood red colour due to the nature of the components used to create such a beautifully haunting perfume.) 5ml $27
Amethyst (Single Note perfume oil built from two notes from a sweet Egyptian Sandalwood and a beautiful earthy Egyptian Teak) 5ml $27
Tibetan Santalum (Deep incense of Tibetan Champa, Tibetan Sandalwood, Australian Sandalwood, Nepalese Sandalwood, White Sandalwood, Santalum Absolute, Siam Benzoin Resin and Amber Henna, Davana distilled essential oil, Tibetan Musk, Nepalese Sugandh Kokila, Plumeria, Bastet’s Amber and soft spirals of pure eNVie Saphir Amber essence.) 2ml $10 PENDING
Vanilla Necropolis (Egyptian Red Amber, Black Rose, Egyptian Red Musk, Sweet Amber, Allspice, French Vanilla, Persian Vanilla, Vanilla Bean and Vanilla absolute. The complete aspect follows with the Purple Rose of Cairo, Egyptian Vanilla Absolute and a deeper Vanilla Necropolis resolution. Natural Vanilla fleck and/or Amber resin may be seen in the perfume but this will only enhance the scent with aging. It will dissipate with aging naturally.) 2ml $8
Eidolon (French Blue sleeping Lavender, Amber Arabian Sandalwood, Blue Musk and the memories of phantoms.) 2ml $8
Elderflower Bee (Elderflower, NA Honey Accord, Lily, Raspberry and NA Blue Amber accord) 1ml, mostly full $3
Alpha Musk:
SOLD Golden Amber (a blend of sandalwood, amber yellow, and amber brown.) 5ml $6
Antique Amber (musty dry clay infused mellow amber.) 5ml $6 PENDING
SOLD Dry Amber (a non powdery, earthy in a dry sandy woody way, effervescent amber that reminds me of the way the golden hour during the day feels. Comforting cozy yet spacious.) 5ml $6
Bardot (my lady! Gorgeous badass goddess like musk that’s insanely irresistible. Notes of roses, woods, magnolias but all blended so effortlessly and meld together beautifully in this sexy magnetizing musk. Everyone who smells it loves it. Very femme. Iconic.) 5ml $6 PENDING
I Want the Whole World! (this scent is a blend of creme brûlée, marshmallow, tonka bean, subtle caramel, sandalwood and a crystal ethereal musk with a touch of peach and citrus accord top notes. Whiffs throughout the day like a good musk should and surprisingly isn’t cloying!) 5ml $6 PENDING
Arcana Craves:
Vanilla Craves Terror (Creamy vanilla with Arcana Wildcraft’s legendary Holy Terror (burning frankincense, sandalwood, deep myrrh, and dusty beeswax candles).) 5ml $16 PENDING
Strange Fire and Fumery:
Cara Mia (Simple and elegant, dark as the night, but sophisticated and supple as black velvet dress. Cara Mia is a trip to a midnight rose garden, backed with the decadent brooding sweetness of black currant.) Dram $5
A Thousand Times More Fair (Honeysuckle nectar, magnolia blossom, passion flower, white peach skin, ripe plum, bright vanilla bean, delicate musk.) 10ml $20
The Spirit of Christmas Present (A Christmas feast of shortbread, pudding cake, winter figs, chestnuts, and dates; jolly wreaths of holly; clinking porcelain cups; the silence of new-fallen snow) 6ml $12
Grimm (Cocao absolute, Tonka bean, tobacco, immortelle, wet forest moss & leaves.) 2ml $4
Lucy Westenra (Brugmansia flower, night-blooming Cereus, oud, guaiacwood, honey, fennel, stone.) 2 ml $4
SOLD Black Sugar (Spun brown sugar, red berries, vanilla and tonka bean absolute dance with a sprinkle of dirt, a swirl of cauldron smoke, and a drop of bittersweet cocao absolute.) 2ml $4
SOLD Welcome to Burkittsville (Ancient stone, raven feather, forest floor, tangled roots, dark water, pitch-black musk) 2ml $4
Hellebore (Tuberose absolute, Sambac Jasmine, oakmoss, tobacco, chilled earth, cocao, black musk.) 2ml $4
The Teapot (Steaming steeped black tea with bergamot, orange rind, dark tonka and budding roses - steamy and comforting, with a floral fruitiness that warms from within.) 3ml $7 PENDING
Wolfe Island (label damaged) (Intoxicating vanilla bourbon rolled over deep green moss and crumbling wet earth. Edges of smoldering birch notes, sticky calyxes and book-pressed tobacco leaves.) [labelled as 4ml, actually 3ml] $7 PENDING
Weather Girl (Ambitious vanilla (and coconut) manipulates sweet lavender and carefree wildflowers. Sweet and potent, yet soft and lingering. (Early 1990’s-inspired) ) [labelled as 4ml, actually 3 ml] $7 PENDING
Autumn Alchemy 2018 (a blend of maple candyfloss, spiced amber, sugar pumpkin, ripe fig, and brown sugar.) Rollerball $16
Lacivius (Raw lust. An erotic, primal blend of carnal civet, black musk, and raw oud.) Rollerball $16
Mystery Sample Set (5 samples) $10 (3 available)
Long Winter Farm:
Cygnus (The blend is a big dose of night-blooming jasmine, followed by quite a bit of amber and a wee bit each of patchouli, frankincense, and rosewood.) 10ml $8
Deconstructing Eden:
Jasmine House (Three types of jasmine, on a bed of creamy sandalwood, Krishna amber, a scattering of deep, dark roses and a drop of coriander.) 2.5ml (a little over half full) $1 (or add onto an order over $30) PENDING
Cocoa Pink
Hummingbird (Wild golden honeysuckle, Kentucky grass, blue lotus infiltrated with delicate cool earth notes.) Dram $7
Sigh (Whispers of sweet, European lavender and weeping apple blossoms cuddled in pillows of marshmallow clouds and vanilla cream.) Dram $7
Mermaid Lagoon (Flashes of teal and deep purple shimmer in the sun as the elusive mermaids bask in the golden rays on the serene, white banks of Mermaid Lagoon – Hypnotic notes of blue water lily, papaya fruit, sultry passionflower, sweet pea all quietly accented with a single drop of sea kelp) Dram $7
SOLD Magnetic (Exotic sandalwood infused with gorgeous streaks of black vanilla bean, sugar crystals, rum raisin, smooth Tonka, tobacco leaf and golden amber) 2.5ml $3
Pipe Tobacco (Sweet, woody, masculine and rich.) 2.5 ml $3
Harajuko Bananas (Strong, rich, and sweet. Banana notes are made more complex with hints of black currant, caramel, raspberry, and vanilla. Yummy, strong, and perfect for anyone wanting more than plain bananas.) 2.5ml $3
SOLD Stingy Jack (The man behind the inspiration for the Jack O Lantern in Irish folklore comes alive in this blend showcasing notes of freshly carved Jack O Lanterns, sticky honey, mysterious black vanilla, nag champa, aged patchouli and amber.) 2.5 ml $3
Confederate Jasmine (Authentic jasmine scent- like walking past walls of climbing jasmine blossoms.) 2.5 ml $3 PENDING
SOLD Cinderella’s Carriage (What did Cinderella really wish for? We think it was this blend of Coconut Cream Pie with Marshmallow Meringue, Sweet Pumpkin, Spiritueuse Double Vanilla, and Vanilla Bean Noel. We think this is the REAL reason the prince fell in love, who could resist Cinderella in sexy foodie?) 2.5 ml $3
Lou Lou’s
Daisy’s Blend (French vanilla, vanilla cream, vanilla sugar, vanilla marshmallows, and vanilla oleoresin) Dram? $5
SOLD Carnival Crush (sugared incense, cotton candy, and a warm carnival night full of passion) Dram? $5

I won these in a giveaway and they have never been opened. I’m guessing 2 grams on these, as I think that was their standard? You can still find swatches on Google.
Zora Sapphire (blue with shimmer)
Destiny’s Princess (pink with shimmer)
Majora’s Mask (purple with shimmer)
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2020.09.20 21:54 itskady The Root of all Darcey and Stacey's issues...

So I've been watching 90 day since season one and have been watching Darcey since she first strutted her stuff down an Amsterdam airport escalator and recently I was rewatching some clips and just gathering info together and I really believe that most of Darcey and Stacey's (mainly Darcey) problems are rooted in the loss of their brother, Micheal.
Let me explain. Darcey's older brother died from a rare form of cancer when he was, I believe, 27 years old we know from what she and Stacey have said that Micheal was their "protector" and really the man of the house. When he died he left a vacancy there, especially in Darcey, and she is now forever searching for Micheal in these twenty-something-year-old foreign men.
Jesse was 24 when she met him and somewhere around 25-26 when they broke up. He is Dutch.
Tom was 38 when she dated him but would've been around 33-34 when she met him online. He was British and presented (terribly) a never gentlemanly posh attitude.
Georgi is 33 years old and Bulgarian. Also presenting his very douchey fake gentlemanly attitude.
So what is Darcey looking for in these men? What she found in Micheal, a protector, a gentlemen, someone who treated her like she had worth. Many people know the term daddy issues and the whole idea that women look for their father in the men they date Darcey has brother issues because her brother was a surrogate father. For example, if a father was a violent drunk throughout a daughter's childhood she'll gravitate toward men who are violent or addicts in an attempt to 'fix' them or to find some type of familiarity. Darcey's father was in China working most of her childhood so he was absent we know that her brother really stepped up and became that father figure to them now that he's gone she seems to resent her father and long for her brother attempting to find him in these younger men. At his grave, she and Stacey mention he was strong, loyal, and "a real man". Stacey says to the camera that she wants a man like Micheal for Darcey, the only thing they can discuss at his grave is his qualities and how they want that in a partner. (A bit odd to associate your brother with men you'd like to date)
You can tell from all of Darcey's scenes that she is looking for that fairy tale dream, a prince to come take her away and marry her and all her dreams will come true. She thinks that these foreign men will be able to offer her this, she believes these cultures have strong gentlemanly men who will protect her the way her brother did. She dates these younger men because they are all close to the age range Micheal was when he died. I really feel for Darcey and I can't even begin to imagine her pain or loss. In a way Darcey is still that little girl looking for someone to protect her, I can't help but wonder what or who Micheal protected them from?
I don't think Darcey will ever be able to have a successful relationship until she properly grieves for her brother and can move on with her life.
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